"I recommend Sean and Chealse Carpenter for adoption parents because of the way they love each other and the ones around them. They are amazing with my kids as well as there own nephews. They have great Friends and family to help them and can’t think of any other couple that deserve it more."

" I have had the pleasure of knowing Sean and Chelsea since 2013. Chelsea and I first met at Saratoga Hospital where we were both employed working in direct patient care. At this job I had the opportunity to get to know Chelsea as a co-worker, friend and caregiver. Chelsea has a natural nurturing personality that easily draws people towards her. She has the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, bring positivity to any situation and to learn from her mistakes. Chelsea is a highly driven, intelligent and kindhearted person. ​In getting to know Chelsea I also had the opportunity to get to know Sean. I also had the pleasure of being in their wedding party in 2016. Sean is a fun loving, affectionate and hardworking individual with the ability to relate to anyone he meets. He is always willing to help a friend, no matter what the cost. Sean has an unwavering commitment and love for Chelsea that can be seen in his simple gestures, loving glances and caring words. ​Sean and Chelsea together make a dynamic couple. I think their greatest attribute together is how caring and family oriented they are as a couple. Sean and Chelsea both came from close families and carried that mentality into their marriage. They frequently open their warm and comforting home to family and friends in need of advice, retreat and relaxation. This warm and comforting home, with this two nurturing and compassionate people would be an ideal location for an adoptive child. I therefore offer my recommendation of Sean and Chelsea Carpenter without hesitation or reservations."

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