Back, Back, Back Again!

Jul 01, 2022

A few years ago, we created an profile, and it was the best decision we ever made. We ended up finding a birth family who granted us with the greatest gift of our life, our son CALVIN! Our adoption process was amazing, we still keep in touch with his birth parents (and grandparents!) and do yearly visits. COVID gave us a few extra hoops to maneuver but really the whole process was smooth. And Calvin has changed our lives and really our whole family; EVERYONE loves Calvin!! Now, we are hoping to do it again and add another child to our family. We know how emotional an adoption can be but we'd like to think that we have a perfect spot to help make it easier. Any child in our home would be able to have a shared experience with their new brother, which would be so cool. We're easy to work with and non-judgemental,- we just want everyone happy, healthy and well-fed :) changed our lives once, let's see if we can do it again! Thanks for stopping in.

Cuba and Animal Rescue Visit

Jan 14, 2020

We absolutely love animals!  We have both grown up surrounded by all types of pets and love to give back to our four-legged friends as a thank you for providing us with so much joy throughout our lives. This past summer we traveled to Havana, Cuba. While there, we reached out to an animal rescue and brought them some much needed supplies. We also spent the day helping around the rescue, bathing the dogs, and feeding some new born puppies!  We are so excited to share our love for animals with our baby.

Our Trip to North Carolina

Jan 10, 2020

We love traveling and the spending time outdoors. We especially love when we get to combine both! Last month we went to Asheville, North Carolina to explore the city. We also spent the day outside the city at DuPont National Forest and completed the Three Waterfall Hike. We can’t wait to share our love of travel and the outdoors with our new addition.

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