Feb 06, 2020

Abigail is our six-year-old niece. And she calls us Mamie and Nunca. Our niece and her mom (Amy's sister) have lived with us on and off since Abigail's birth. Now her mom has married and they live several states away. Abigail is a fun loving first grader who loves to be a social butterfly. She has a heart of pure gold and a love for Jesus. She is full of wonder and adventure. Abigail loves to play outside, jump on her trampoline, and swim in Mamie and Nunca's swimming pool. She can talk her Nunca into doing ANYTHING! She has her Nunca wrapped around her little fingers. She, as well as her Nunca, love to eat and is always getting her Mamie to cook her whatever she wants. Abigail is full of life. She is a bubbly, CHATTY, cheerful, energetic, pure, and sensitive child. She loves to sing and "perform" for us. Abigail has been the greatest gift, truly a miracle, especially for Chris and me. She brings so much joy to our family. Our life full of boys and boy things changed the minute she came into this world.

Favorite Things To Do

Feb 06, 2020

We enjoy being together and are grateful for the experiences we have had. Taking vacations is one of our favorite things to do. Many of our trips are to the beach; but we have been to the Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone National Park, Great Wolf Lodge, Myrtle Beach, Sea World, and many other places. The best thing about our family is that it doesn't matter where we are or what we are doing, as long as we are together is all that counts. Hanging out with our dog Sadie, cooking out, being on vacation, doing yard work, going grocery shopping, or just cuddling together on the couch watching tv, is when we are happiest together.

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