Outside days are our favorite days!

Jun 04, 2020

Our favorite things to do, other than FaceTiming with our families and friends, is to be outside together! We have been lucky to have a lot of nice weather to be able to get out and swing, ride bikes (Alex got a new one for his birthday), and “garden” which for Alex just means digging in one particular patch of dirt we have designated for him :)

We are also watching the wildlife in and around our yard, and teaching Alex about all the things we see! We have two baby deer (which we learned are called fawns) in the woods we share with our neighbors, and we watch the funny squirrels jump and climb every tree! We have also been following all of our plants as they grow, bud, and bloom. Alex was particularly taken by the daffodils (which he liked to laugh as he called them “antelope”!) because they bloom early and were yellow, his favorite color.

“Superher-yo Alex!”

May 22, 2020

We’ve been having a pretty fun, wet time in our prolonged quarantine - we’re potty training!

Most of our photos lately have been Not Safe For Work, meaning it’s been a lot of just Alex in underpants (or no pants at all! scandalous!).

Here is Alex wearing one of his “prizes” from doing an awesome job filling up his potty sticker chart: SPIDERMAN! He ran around all day, shooting webs and jumping from surface to surface, yelling out “SUPERHER-YO ALEX!” I don’t think we stopped laughing all day.

Hoping you’re all healthy and safe!

Spring is springing!

May 08, 2020

We have been LOVING spending as much time outside as possible as the weather has been sunny and warm! We even ate dinner out on the front porch last night. It’s really helping our state of mind to be able to run around our yard and play outside games.

We are still hoping that you are healthy and safe!

To this...

Apr 27, 2020

Last week during Week 6 of quarantine, we finally broke out the painting supplies. We made 4 beautiful, colorful paintings of waves, Ryder (from Paw Patrol), and stamp-y things like hearts and stars. Alex loves doing it! The whole time he kept saying, “I want to show my teachers [from school]!”

We’re both glad and sad that he misses his teachers: happy that he has such a strong bond with them, and sad that he doesn’t get to see them right now. The nice thing is that after sending a video of his paintings to his school director, we have had the opportunity to FaceTime with some of his teachers! Just seeing them really settled his heart.

In this photo, he had gotten paint on his fingers. It’s amazing that he reacted this way after so many pictures of him COVERED in paint at school when he was a baby!

...from this

Apr 27, 2020

This was two and a half years ago, Alex getting his start painting at school. HAHAHAHA, when did he get so fastidious?

He is risen indeed!

Apr 13, 2020

Happy Easter! He is risen! Alleluia!

Although we spent a low-key Holy Week like most of the country, we celebrated a lovely Easter at home with presents from the Easter Bunny, special blueberry pancakes made by Chris, a virtual church service, FaceTimes with family near and far (including with Alex’s first mom), and a lamb roast dinner over video chat with Chris’s parents and siblings! 

We hope that you had many things to celebrate as we balanced the joy of our Savior’s resurrection with our current health crisis this year. 

Making the best of it

Mar 27, 2020

Hello, everyone! This outlet to speak with you and let you get to know us is feeling a lot more “normal” since so many of us are working through our social distancing and quarantine / isolations right now. 

All three of us have now been home for two straight work weeks. We are so lucky to have jobs that allow us to work from our homes, and we have pretty well incorporated trading off for free play and learning time with Alex. We are also spending a lot of time doing video chats with family and friends to get some child-to-child interaction. But Alex has taken to ending all of his virtual conversations with, “I miss you!” And truly, we do miss being in physical contact with our local and distance loved ones.

Other fun things we've been working on now that we have nearly unlimited family time are different plays on hairstyles for Alex! Typically we see his barber every 2-3 weeks, but now we're stuck with all salons and barbershops shut down; so I tried some simple, entry-level protective styles!  This photo is from the morning after, we're going to need a satin pillowcase if we decide to venture into cornrows or dreds!

We hope that you are safe, healthy, and have a supportive outlet! 

In uncertain times...

Mar 18, 2020

...we find solace and strength from one another.

Like the rest of the country, we are hunkering down at home and limiting our exposure to the outside world. We are both working from home and caring for Alex during the day. Our approach so far has been to give him lots of opportunity to explore and learn: we have been reading, singing, coloring, cooking, building, puzzling, and playing, as well as spending LOTS of time outside!

We are hoping that you and your families are safe and healthy!

We love family visits!

Mar 09, 2020

This past weekend we welcomed Chris’s parents into town. They live about 6 hours away, and we love getting these dedicated weekends to spend together, just the 5 of us. To say Alex was excited to see them is putting it mildly! They had a great time playing inside, outside, and even went out for ice cream! Chris and I just love to watch them laugh, play, read, and love together. Before they left, we made our next plans to go visit them at their house. 

A Little About Us

Feb 24, 2020

Our names are Chris and Christy, and we have a wonderful son, Alex, through an open adoption. 

We moved to Connecticut, right outside of New York City, about 6 years ago. We have enjoyed learning about New England, experiencing the beautiful seasons, and taking advantage of being close to the excitement of the City. We love our home and have been updating room-by-room. Our favorite projects lately have been to turn one of the available bedrooms into a sweet nursery, and decorating a big-boy room for Alex. We also have a large yard that we enjoy spending time in EVERY season -- Alex loves the snow as well as the summers!

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