"As Chris is my cousin, I have been blessed to have known him forever and when Christy came into his life and our family we were so grateful to have her and she instantly belonged. The amount of joy and love that is visible between them is to be aspired for. Chris has the truest heart and Christy has the absolute best laugh. When Alex was welcomed into the family through adoption the power of their love became even stronger. Chris and Christy and Alex are the real deal. Any child would be forever loved and admired by them. They are an inspiration to all that know them. Alex has inherited the passion of life that Chris and Christy have. The amount of patience and devotion that they show Alex can only be described as immeasurable. Chris and Christy love their extended family, their friends, everyone in their lives, but the pure, immense love they have for each other and Alex can not be described in words. Chris and Christy are always there to support their family, each other and Alex to reach all of their dreams. They are and would be the best parents for any child."

"We have known Chris and Christy for nearly 17 years and consider them dear friends. We were honored to voice our support for them during the adoption of their son Alex almost 3 years ago. It is very clear to us that Chris and Christy are wonderful parents. They are excellent providers and are raising Alex in a home built on faith and love. As parents to three young children ourselves, watching Chris and Christy raise Alex has been an absolute pleasure. Beyond their love for their son, Chris and Christy have a strong and loving relationship with each other and have the support of many friends and family. We could not be more supportive of them in their journey towards this adoption and pray that they are blessed with the opportunity to expand their loving family once again. "

"My wife and I have been close friends with Chris and Christy for years now. We met at work where both of our kids went to the same onsite daycare facility, and our families quickly became friends. The two of them are wonderful parents to their adopted son who is growing up to be quite the charmer and a sharp witted little guy. Their son has also inherited his parents' wicked sense of humor. The strength of their relationship is evident as soon as you step into their lovely home where they have created a welcoming and healthy environment for their child to grow. Chris and Christy's dedication and focus on their son's development really shines when you see the thought and effort they put into finding exciting activities him to engage in. At this rate, he is bound to be a brilliant kid destined for great things. Honestly, I am hard pressed to think of a more ideal environment for a young heart and mind to grow, and I know that any child would be lucky to have Chris and Christy as their parents."

"What an amazing, loving family Chris, Chris and Alex are, and I am so very thrilled to support them as they seek to welcome a new child into their family through adoption. Chris and Chris are such a strong and loving couple from the time they were dating until now - there has never been a doubt that they were meant to be together. Chris and Christy provide a wonderful and loving environment for their son Alex to grow, learn, and love in. They encourage him to be loving, kind, and honest, and Alex is such an incredibly happy child because of all of this. Chris and Christy provide many opportunities for Alex to grow and experience the world as they visit zoos, museums, parks, family near and far, beaches and more. Alex will certainly make a wonderful big brother, and I know I am excited to see it. I could not recommend Chris and Christy enough, and I know that they are 100% supported by their many family members and friends. "

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