"We have been friends with Aaron and Claudia for about 7 years now, our sons are the same age and for a few school grades, the boys were in the same classes together. Aaron and Claudia are wonderful parents to Thomas who volunteer often and participate in school activities, especially extra curricular activities, specifically whatever sport Thomas enjoys playing. They have a tight knit family who is very supportive as was seen during the soccer games. We would love see a new addition to their endearing family as they are so deserving."

"Claudia and Aaron both hoped to have a larger family. Due to complications with their first child, Claudia is not able to have another, nor was she able to fully enjoy her son as a baby while she recovered from her complications. A new addition to their family is very much wanted and would be a blessing to them. "

"Aaron and Claudia would be great parents to the lucky child selected to become part of their family, not to mention he or she would also be getting a wonderful older brother Thomas. I am fortunate to see first hand how caring and loving they all are with both my children who are 4 and 1. Thomas intuitively takes on a big brother role with my daughter showing her a lot of love and attention when she visits him. Their favorite activity is playing music and dancing. With my son they enjoy outdoor activities such as jumping on the trampoline, riding their bikes and playing on the slip and slide during summer. Aaron is very hands on and has a lot of patience with my kids. During our get togethers he always takes time to interact with them both in activities such as with my daughter her practicing and trying to take her first steps to teaching my son about baseball and basketball. Claudia is also very caring. She is always calling to check on both kids and is very generous and thoughtful in giving them gifts and wanting to spend time with them. She likes reading them books and showing them educational activities. Overall, I think they have a lot of love to give and would ensure that any child brought into the family would feel safe, loved, welcomed and have a bright future ahead. "

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