Welcome to our family!

This is us!
Thank you for stopping by our profile and getting to know us a little bit.

We hope you know how much we admire you regardless of your decision whether to place your precious baby for adoption or to parent yourself. We can't imagine how tough the decision is, but we respect you for the thought and care you are putting into the life of your child.

We are excited to get to know you!

We admire you so much for choosing life and considering adoption.

A few things that we feel we can promise to you if you decide to make an adoption plan:

• Your child will know that they are loved by you. They will know all they can about their birth mother and about your courage.
• We will respect whatever level of openness and contact that you want to have with your child.
• We will love and cherish your child with all our hearts and souls and will provide a safe and happy home.
• You are and will always be loved by our family. From experience with our first adoption, we can honestly say that we think about our first birth mother often. You will be in our thoughts and prayers and we will be looking out for you and your needs the best we can.

Know that we are mindful of you and your sweet baby and we wish you peace and happiness whatever decision you make.

- Zack, Courtney, and Easton
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