"When I heard that Craig and Cali were putting together their profile to put on the adoption website and letters from friends and family were part of it, I asked if I could participate. Why? I am super excited for the child that gets to join the Bell family and I wanted to tell the mothers why they should pick Craig and Cali. I have known Craig for about fifteen years. I met him when he was umpiring baseball at the park my son played at. He and his umpiring partner were the guys every team hoped they had that night. They are known as the best and are asked by little league, high school, college and our local semi-pro organization to umpire for them. How many umpires do you know that people actually like?? During that time Craig and I found out that we were competitors at work. He continued to be just as nice as ever. Eleven years ago Craig and I ended up working for the same company. He is the most even tempered co-worker you could ask for. At work he is helpful and kind……every day. No kidding. After we began working together I met Cali. They are two peas in a pod. Haha Seriously…..I hear them on the phone and they are always checking in on each other and making sure the other knows what is going on that evening. Craig and I share an office and can’t really get any privacy from each other. I know them WELL! Craig and Cali are two of the most considerate people I have ever met. They are regularly helping others. I have heard of Cali babysitting for friends and neighbors. Some of the families have multiple kids that would scare the crap out of me. But she does it happily. They also help tend their friends pets. I remember a time when Cali knew a single mom that was having a hard time. Cali rounded up bunkbeds for her kids along with other items. When I had to put my dog down and was really sad she asked Craig if I would like one of their cats to make me feel better. Wow, that is kindness. They love their pets!! Craig is the guy that stops to help anyone he sees broken down on the road or stuck in the snow. It is not just once or twice…..it’s all the time. He never forgets to ask how you are doing if you have been sick or if a situation turned out ok if you have something serious going on in your life. They are both that way. At work Craig is the helpful one and is first to ask if you need help. I am usually all business and his kindness strikes me as beyond normal every week. Looking beyond Craig and Cali is their family. I don’t know Cali’s family very well because they don’t live in Pocatello, but there are a lot of them. Craig’s parents really are AMAZING! Anyone would want to be their kid or grandkid. They are the sweetest, cutest and friendly couple I have ever met. I have met Craig’s brother and sister too and they are great people with cute young families too!! Craig and Cali are also supportive of the people around them. They have been to my son’s high school games, graduation and even his wedding reception when they could have been celebrating Craig’s birthday instead. I know they have huge hearts and are ready to share their home with a VERY lucky son or daughter. Thanks for letting me share and God Bless you in your decision. "

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