"It is with my utmost honor and love that I get to write this recommendation for Dana and Tom, as the future incredible parents that they will be. I have known Dana for over 20 years (high school best friends and her maid of honor at her wedding) and Tom since the day he entered Dana's life. They are a couple that together exude love, happiness and the true meaning of friendship. The are always surrounded by family and friends, who are like family, because they open their hearts to everyone around them and people just want to be around these 2!! Dana is a nurturing, warm, loving, funny, smart, confident woman who is the most amazing mother to her doggies(adopted and foster) and it's just natural that she will be the greatest mother. Tom is a strong, confident, patient, and sensitive/caring man and will make a great father, just like how he was raised by his own. Together, Dana and Tom will provide the happiest, most loving home to their future children and I say this from deep within my heart!! With love, Shoshana "

"Dana and Tom are two of the warmest and most welcoming people you will ever meet. Whether its fostering puppies or just hosting the whole family and friends for dinner, this couple exudes love and kindness to all who are lucky enough to be near them. I have known Dana for 25 years and Tom since almost the day they met. Tom is always quick with a joke and a helping hand, there is nothing he wouldn't do for friends and family. Dana is a community-driven, empathetic, and philanthropic person who has always put the needs of others above her own. I wish them luck in their journey to adopt and am more than confident that any child will be blessed to have these two as their parents. Respectfully, Jon"

"It isn't easy to put in a short note how phenomenal two people are. When Dana was a little girl she was the most animated, sensitive and loving child. She has a moral and emotional nature that is inspiring and beautiful. As she grew up and began babysitting my two children I would watch her play, interact and entertain them always creating some exciting game that would develop their creativity while teaching them something they didn't even realize they were learning. I used to marvel at how she connected to them while being such a responsible young girl mastering their care in her hands. I knew that one day Dana was going to make a magnificent mother. When Dana met Tom it was apparent from the start the way they complimented one another. Tom is super funny, an amazing cook, loving and kind. When I watch him interact with his young nieces and nephews the joy it brings to him can not be missed. I have also watched him mentor his older cousins as they navigate through their young adult years and how they look up to the guidance he offers them. I am impressed by their unified love, community efforts and love for their family. Although this is a difficult process, I can confidently say that when they are blessed with the opportunity to adopt your child they will be incredible parents."

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