A little about us...

Darcee and Mitchell
Dear Expectant Parents,
“We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason.” We are excited to meet you. We feel like our paths are meant to cross for many reasons and we look forward to you being a part of our life.
We are Mitchell and Darcee Morris. We first met when Mitchell asked Darcee to a school dance in High School. Darcee’s first response was “Who is Mitchell?” We had a blast together on our first date. Darcee told her sister after this date that she wanted to marry Mitchell someday.
We couldn’t believe it, our “Someday” was finally here! The day we were married was the best day of our lives thus far! We had dated on and off for 5 years before we were married. During these five years, we became best friends and really learned the importance of good communication.
Our marriage is filled with love, respect, and laughter. We love to spend as much time together as we can. We do most everything together. We even clean the house and cook together. We love movie nights, card games, bike rides and dancing together. We both took ballroom dance classes in college and now we dance any chance we get. We love holidays and have enjoyed starting our own traditions. One of our favorite traditions is to go on a family trip for Christmas. We love to travel, go on adventures, and make memories. One of our biggest adventures together was the day we went skydiving.
Mitchell comes from a family with 9 kids and has always loved children. You'll often find him missing from the adults because he's off playing with the kids. He is definitely going to be one of those “cool” dads that is always ready for an adventure. Through his example, our children will learn the importance of hard work and will find joy in every aspect of life. They will also learn the importance of God and family. Mitchell comes from a musical family and wants to continue that tradition with his own children. He enjoys playing the piano and has recently started taking piano lessons again.
Darcee is the oldest of 6 kids. Babysitting was a big part of her life. Darcee is a natural at running a home and caring for kids. She is driven and likes to set goals for herself. She loves anything chocolate, reading, crazy adventures, photography, and spending time with Mitchell. Family has always been very important to her. She dreams of becoming a mother and building close relationships with each of her children. She just recently was able to stop working and now enjoys being a homemaker and future stay-at-home mom.
Religion is a big part of our lives. We will teach our children about God and Jesus Christ. We will spend time together as a family regularly and teach them to pray. We want our children to grow up proud of who they are, with a positive outlook on being adopted. We feel it is very important for our child to know their adoption story. They will also be told regularly that they are loved by their birth parents and us. We will teach them that they can do anything they put their minds to. We will encourage them to get an education and to push themselves to do great things in life.
We are so excited to adopt. We both feel like a kid at Christmas waiting to see how our adoption story plays out. We eagerly look forward to becoming parents.

With Love,
Mitchell and Darcee
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