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Family photo opp at Lambeau Field
Hi and thank you for viewing our profile! With these words and photos, we have attempted to capture the essence of our family, both as individuals and as a family unit, and we hope that you will feel a connection with us. We understand you are about to make a very difficult decision and hope to be able to put your mind at ease. We look forward to hearing all about your dreams for your child and sharing with you how we can provide the life to make sure those dreams are realized!

First Comes Love...
Dave grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin and Kate in Northern New Jersey. Eventually, our paths crossed just outside of Washington, DC where we met at work. Our first date was at a Mexican restaurant and a few years later our story came full circle as we got married on a beach in Mexico.
Around that time, we decided to move to North Carolina for a different pace of life and to start a family. We love where we live and are always finding new great hiking spots, museums, restaurants, and cultural activities that the city has to offer an active family.
In 2015, after a few long years of hoping to become parents, we were extremely blessed with the addition of our baby girl through adoption. Our daughter's birth parents are the most selfless, kind people we have ever met and we are forever grateful to them for enabling us to become the parents we dreamed to be.
Our now 2 year old daughter is sweet, intelligent, and hilariously funny. She is the center of our world!
Judging from her love of all things baby and her cute interactions with our two dogs, her stuffed animals, and her real life friends, we know she'd love having a younger sibling.

Dave from Kate's Point of View
Dave loves football (go Packers!), woodworking, and outdoor adventures. He is also one of the most caring and funny people I have ever met. He always has a smile on his face and keeps things light with humor and wit. Others are drawn to him and he has an amazing ability to make everyone around him feel comfortable. He makes me laugh until I cry and is ready with a hug when I’m having a bad day.
Seeing Dave as a dad is a dream come true; he’s incredible. When our daughter was just three months old, he decided to become a stay-at-home dad and he’s amazing. He is patient, sweet, encouraging, and fun. He spends his days ensuring she’s always learning and enjoying life. The pair keep busy with library time, tumble gym, trips to the local museum, and just exploring nature. Our daughter is fully a daddy’s girl and she looks at him with pure admiration. In return, Dave is the epitome of a proud dad; his eyes light up whenever he sees her or speaks about her.

Kate from Dave's Point of View
Kate loves photography, travel, gardening, and curling up with a good book or terrible reality TV show. She has a positive outlook on life, seeing the silver lining in every situation, and is always ready with a smile or kind word. She is sweet and thoughtful and her ridiculous laugh is infectious.
Kate is an adoring mom and our daughter loves her special mommy/daughter time. They play dress up, do puzzles, and spend lots of time outside riding bikes or kicking a soccer ball. Kate's an amazing role model for our daughter both professionally and personally and I love experiencing this parenthood journey with her.

Family Time
Family is first and foremost in our lives. We have a great support system and are lucky to have many family members nearby to give us pointers on raising a well-balanced child and to celebrate holidays and join us on great family vacations. We have 11 nieces and nephews that are great influences and fun playmates for our daughter.

As a family of three, we enjoy nothing more than simply spending together. Some of our favorite pastimes include splashing in the nearby lake, learning about science at the kids' museum, hiking on the many available trails, zooming down slides at the playground, chasing bubbles, dancing, being silly, having pretend tea parties, and socializing with friends. We end every day settling in for bedtime with a few of our favorite books. We look forward to doing these activities with another kiddo in tow.
One of the best days of our lives: the day our daughter was born!

One of the best days of our lives: the day our daughter was born!

Our Hope for Adoption

Adoption has been the single biggest blessing in our lives; it made our dream of becoming parents a reality. Adoption is an amazing gift and we are humbled that you may consider trusting us to love and nurture this child.

We believe honesty and openness is important to the well-being of a child so we are pursuing open/semi-open adoption in the hopes that our children know their full life stories.

"Adoption is an amazing gift and we are humbled that you may consider trusting us to love and nurture this child."

We are lucky to enjoy a nice relationship with our daughter's birth parents and will make sure she always understands the journey of love that led her to us. We do, however, understand every situation is different; you may or may not want to be involved in the child's life at some level and will honor your decision either way.
Little Gardener

Little Gardener

Parenting Philosophy

Our philosophy on parenting is based on the childhoods we both experienced and cherish. We want to provide our children with all of the tools and opportunities to chase any dream. We aim to teach our children to be accepting, caring, self-aware, strong, moral individuals.

"We want to provide our children with all of the tools and opportunities to chase any dream."

We will give them the freedom to make mistakes but be there to pick them up when needed. We will ensure they receive a good education so they can be successful in whatever field they desire. We believe that children should experience and understand other cultures, so travel will be a big part of our family life. We also believe that kids should be kids and will encourage having fun getting dirty outdoors, doing messy art projects, and letting their imaginations run wild. We will let them be themselves!
Call us :)

Call us :)

We look forward to getting to know you!

We thank you for reading to this point and for considering adoption and us!

Please feel free to contact us via email, phone, or text. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have and getting to know you!

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