"Kate and Dave are two of the most generous and genuinely kind hearted people I have ever met. It has been amazing to watch them as parents and share the experience of parenting with them as we have two children very close together in age. I learn from them every time we are together or have a play date. They are extremely diligent, caring, and constantly place their child's needs above their own, which I believe is necessary to be a good parent. I can't imagine how it must feel to be choosing a parent or parents to take care of your own child. However, I can state that any child of Kate and Dave's will never want for love, basic necessities, education, travel, and the gift of a wonderful extended family as I've also had the pleasure to meet their parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews. The dogs are also amazing. Any child of Kate and Dave's will be safe, well provided for, and loved. "

" My brother, Dave, and his wife, Kate, are two people that can be looked up to. They don’t think twice about being there for others, and are just good people to be around. Dave and Kate love being around kids. My daughters always look forward to spending time with Uncle Dave and Aunt Kate because their aunt and uncle make them feel important and special. As a mom myself, I appreciate how Dave and Kate find what makes each of my children unique, as well as what their interests and talents are. Dave and Kate show genuine interest in what each of their nieces and nephews are into - some things being sports, science, books, jokes and riddles; they will ask about these things and find a fun way to be involved in doing these things with the kids. These qualities have become even more pronounced since becoming parents. From the moment they learned about their daughter you could see the pride and love in Dave and Kate. They both light up whenever they are with their daughter, or talking about her. I have never seen Dave or Kate happier than they have been since becoming “Dad” and “Mom”. They are both actively involved parents and value time and experiences with their daughter. They expose their child to the world in many ways and encourage her as she develops interests, preferences, and personality. Their daughter is a happy, silly, and gentle toddler - evidence of how safe and loved she feels on a daily basis. There is no doubt that Dave and Kate do, and always will, value everything that makes their daughter who she is. Just like they have done with their 11 nieces and nephews, Dave and Kate will continue to take an interest in their daughter’s life, and their future children’s lives. They will find a way to experience things with their children and make them feel important. Dave and Kate are amazing parents, and I know their pride and love will grow as their family grows. "

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