"Shawn and Dawn are fun-loving, family-focused people who have a deep sense of commitment to both each other and to their loved ones. They are passionate and hard-working folks who understand the value of a job well done as well as the value of having a really good time. They have a great balance between responsibility and playfulness and would make wonderful parents to any child. Shawn is my blood cousin, and I can speak even further about his upbringing, having the benefit of living within mere miles of my grandparents, who were huge influences on both of us. I can't wait to meet their adopted child, who will be instantly a part of our family as if they were of our own flesh and blood."

"I worked alongside Shawn for 11 years at Berlin Packaging. We became close friends and colleagues during this time. Since Shawn left we have kept in touch via social media. Both Shawn and Dawn are hardworking, well-educated, well-adjusted individuals. They both hold stable employment and are both task driven. They spend their off time, traveling and making improvements to their house. Shawn is well versed in systems management and supply chain operations. Dawn has maintained a position in benefits management for the last 20 years. I believe they would benefit from raising a child. They are both loving, caring people. They are young and would do well with supporting a young family. I feel that they would provide unconditional love to a child. They pamper their pets as if they were children. They would pamper a child beyond belief. They have lived in the same home for the last ten years. They are financially stable and would be able to provide a safe and loving atmosphere for any child. I have three children. Daughter (10), and two sons (8 and 3). When they would visit the office, Shawn would often go out of his way to interact with them. Often offering to watch them if I was busy. He was able to speak to their level without being condescending. He would offer them gadgets or widgets to play with and work with them to understand how the object worked. The Forsyth’s have been family friends for the last decade. I feel that they would be amazing and supportive parents. They have a bounty of love to offer, as well as financial security. They would make any child feel warm and welcome in their life. I have no reservations in recommending the Forsyth’s as adoptive parents "

"We have known Shawn and Dawn for over 15 years. They have watched our two children grow and treat them as their own family. I sincerely hope they complete the family they so desperately want and deserve. "

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