Meet Dina & Craig

About Dina
Dina was born in Mexico and comes from a big Hispanic family and she cannot wait to have a child join our family too. Her parents are pastors and she was raised in a traditional family environment with a Christian faith. She chose to get her degree in Human Resources management so that she could help people and that is what she does for a living. Her favorite things to do are gardening and hiking. She has a good heart and is always looking to help those in need. She is flexible and easy going, does not sweat the small stuff. She often has all kinds of music playing at home.

About Craig
Craig works in sales and he enjoys reading and being outdoors when time permits. His hobbies are fishing and hunting. He is a patient person who enjoys teaching children about animals and the outdoors. He is known for having a character of good moral standards and is well respected by others.

Craig has a son from his previous marriage and he is a good father. He coached little league and took his son fishing often when he was young. His son moved with his mother to a different city but they continue to keep in touch and visit when possible.
On our Wedding Day

On our Wedding Day

About Us

We married two years after knowing each other and we have been married for 7 years. We are still very much in love and would really like to form a family of our own.

We attend a non denominational church and have Christian beliefs.

We cannot wait to have a child in our home!

We have a beautiful house that is perfect for a child and we have a little dog that children love. We enjoy being around kids and baby sit our nieces and nephews often. Because we come from different backgrounds we believe our child will be well rounded. At our house you hear English and Spanish being spoken often.
Our backyard

Our backyard

Home Sweet Home

We have a yard with plenty of room for a child to run and play. We don't have children at home but our nieces and nephews visit often. We live in an area with warm weather and children love the pool.
Our Engagement Photo

Our Engagement Photo

Our Promise

We are kind and patient people with lots of love to give and lots to offer. We promise to treat your child as if we brought her to the world. We promise to give all the love we can give and the best we have to offer.

We know that your love must be unconditional to take this route and we admire your decision.

We are so glad that you clicked on our profile! We have been wanting to form a family since we got married 7 years ago. Just like you, life has taken us through a different path. We don't know the end result but we know that there is something good in every situation. We know that your love must be unconditional to take this route and we admire your decision. We believe that everything is in God's hand and you are reading our profile for a reason.

Thank you for looking at our profile.

We hope to hear from you soon.

- Dina & Craig
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