Adoption family camp

Sep 29, 2019

In an effort to completely embrace the adoption experience, we are looking forward to attending an adoption camp after our adoption is complete, once the child is old enough. There are several offered around the country. Kaleidoscope Culture Camp is one in Chicago that helps an adopted child and their family bond and embrace the beauty of adoption. The child and their family also have the opportunity to build friendships with other adoptees and their families and learn about their birth culture.

Apple picking 2019

Sep 26, 2019

We just took a mini vacation to NY to visit family. One if our favorite fall family activities there is apple picking. Here we are in the ginormous Adirondack chair at our favorite apple orchard, Reisingers. Our favorite apples are crimson crisp, gala and honey crisp. We sure did pick a lot!

International school

Sep 20, 2019

Our boys attend a very sought after, high achieving, international school in the town we live. The teachers and administration tailor each child's educational program to most benefit the child and ensure the reach their highest potential. It is only one of three schools in the state where every teacher has earned the certified literacy instructor designation on top of their required and specialized education and training. The students  are from all over the country and world. Henry's first grade class of 20 kids has children from 7 different countries. Caleb's class is even more diverse (his best friend is from New Zealand). The school hosts several different internationally themed events each year to educate the student body about the diverse cultures, languages, foods and lifestyles of their classmates. The kids LOVE their school and we feel honored to have the opportunity to send our children there.

Grant's first game

Sep 20, 2019

Grant loves t-ball so much! He loves hitting the ball and running the bases. Here he is playing first base as his first game yesterday!

Grants first day

Sep 05, 2019

Grant started pre-k this week! He attends a private Church nursery school right around the corner from our house. He loves his little school and his teachers! 

Wet and wild

Sep 03, 2019

We spent today at the biggest water park in North Carolina, Wet and Wild! We had a great time hitting the slides, tidal pool and lagoon. Of course we didn't bring our phones because we didn't want them to get wet, so no pictures were taken. So this picture is Caleb, Henry and Grant eating pizza by our pool watching their friends swimming! :-)

Video games with friends

Sep 01, 2019

The boys had some friends over to swim and then play video games yesterday!

Labor Day Weekend

Aug 31, 2019

We are starting out our Labor Day weekend by having some friends over for a picnic and to swim in our pool. Here is Grant with his bff Kathryn!

Cave dwellers

Aug 28, 2019

We stopped at Inner Space cavern while visiting Texas. This is a picture of the kids touching the "Touch Stone". We learned about stalagmites and stalactites and how caves are formed. The boys were very interested!

World travelers

Aug 27, 2019

We just got back from our trip to Austin, TX a few days ago. Our boys are seasoned vets when it comes to flying! They know how to check their car seats, follow the flight boards and clear airport security without even being told what to do! Here they are on the jet bridge getting ready to board the first flight to Texas!