Letter to Our Courageous Friend

Arizona in the springtime.
There are probably a dozen different feelings you go through when you find out you're pregnant. As an Ob/Gyn resident physician, I've seen many women who are thrilled, scared, disappointed, overwhelmed, and devastated when I showed them the first ultrasound of their babies. I know your situation is unique, but you have likely felt some of the same emotions as my patients. With our little boy, Leo, we went through some of these same emotions ourselves. -Cy

Leo was our miracle baby, conceived after 4 years of trying, several hundred shots, 3 surgeries, and approximately 1 million ultrasounds & blood draws. My pregnancy with him was difficult. I always had ziploc bags on hand for throwing up several times a day. Since Leo's birth, I've had had several more rounds of IVF but have only had miscarriages. It is difficult to face these trials but the joy I feel having Leo is so wonderful, it is worth all the needle pokes and bruises (and to think I used to be deathly afraid of needles! ha!). So, we are moving forward with adoption and IVF. Hopefully a baby or two come sooner than later, I'm no spring chicken. -Emily

Emily and I both come from big, loud, chaotic families - and we loved it that way! With 7 kids in my family and 6 in Emily's, we both dreamed of having lots of children of our own. For now, we are thoroughly enjoying our 2 year-old son, but are eager to add to our family. -Cy

Funny story: Cy asked me what I thought of the name 'Leo' for a baby on our first date (a little forward, don't you think?!) but I loved the name. Because Cy has a terrible memory, he probably asked me that same question dozens of times before my answer stuck with him. Years later, when we found out we were having a boy, Cy asked, "What do you think we should name him?" I guess he'd forgotten again. Speaking of first dates ours was the best date I'd ever been on! -Emily
Our First Date

Our First Date

Keep reading - it gets even more exciting!

Emily and I had been on hundreds of dates - and I mean that literally - before we ever met. We happened to both be in the Seattle area at the time and wanted to hang out with a mutual friend. She organized a double date and neither one of us was that excited. -Cy

Let me just expound a little. I was actually at the library when the date was supposed to start and instead of leaving immediately, I stayed for 20 more minutes to check out their cheap-used-library-book sale, that's how unexcited I was about this date. Meanwhile, Cy got lost trying to find our meet-up spot so we found him sleeping in his car at a nearby gas station. Which is funny because (1) Cy falls asleep on the spot anywhere, and (2) I'm the designated family navigator because of his amazing ability to get lost. -Emily

So, Emily ended up being 30 minutes late to our blind date. (The first of many times she would make me wait). When I first saw her, I thought, "At least she's cute." - Cy

(Luckily I decided to wear makeup that day.) - Emily

Not only was she cute, I soon learned that Emily was smart, funny, independent, talented, and incredibly interesting. We had sooooo many things in common, too. Bank tellers, Swahili, Gymnopedies No. 1, Chinese, making things, Taiwan, Venezuela, mission trips, teaching ESL, that song by Manà, doctors, Arizona, country music intolerance (don't judge us), sibling ages, goals, The Emperor's New Groove, swing dancing, pho, and the list goes on. At the end of the date, I was pretty convinced Emily was just right for me. I even took the picture above - just in case it worked out! -Cy

So, the first date we basically talked non-stop. It was as if we were falling all over ourselves to get all the words out and ask all the questions we possibly could. It was magical. Amazing, right? I went home thinking "That was so fun, now that I know someone like that exists, maybe I'll meet someone like that who lives here." Cy was just in Seattle for 2 more weeks with a temporary military assignment. We had a few more dates over those weeks. But when he left, it felt like he took all the sunshine with him. No one else's jokes were as funny. Everyone else seemed so boring compared to him. -Emily

Fast forward 8 months later, Emily and I were married in my hometown Mesa, Arizona on the hottest (117!) day of the year. As with most Army families, we have moved around a lot since then. We have lived in bustling New York City, borderville El Paso, backwoods Lousiana, and now beautiful Hawaii. -Cy
Our Life Now

Our Life Now

Our life now

Currently, I work at an Army hospital delivering babies and such. Emily is a stay-at-home mom who also rakes in the dough teaching piano lessons a few hours a week. We are both actively involved in our church, but make time to hit the beach with our snorkels and boogie boards, hang out with friends, and globe-trot to connect with family.

We want you to know that we think of you often and pray for you. We're excited and nervous to meet you. It'll be like a blind date all over again.

Before our military commitment ends, we will likely move one more time, but eventually plan on settling in Arizona. -Cy

Or Washington. -Emily

Okay - as a side note, early in our marriage we made a deal where Emily got a dog if we got to eventually live in Arizona. We now have that dog (Pippy). I think that settles the debate, right? Regardless, home is not where you live; it's how you feel when you're together. -Cy

We want you to know that we think of you often and pray for you. We're excited and nervous to meet you. It'll be like a blind date all over again. -Emily
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