"I have known Cy and Emily since 2012 when we were neighbors. This is a couple you will want to seriously look into! Emily has patiently tutored me in sewing, has inspired me with her colorful cooking, and continues to make me laugh from her witty texts and quick retorts. I remember specific times when I called on her because I knew she would not only be a source of strength I could depend on, but she could also provide comic relief. You've got to hear her laugh! I was drawn to Emily because of her authentic approach to life, and I'm absolutely thrilled to see her as a mother. Cy's creative mind blows me away. It's not enough that he's medically minded; he also has an artistic eye. He chose to spend his time during a family reunion writing, directing, filming, and starring in a homemade film--with his nieces and nephews. He's a natural with children, and I'm happy to see him expand his "fun uncle" title to include "fun dad." They both have the travel bug and seem to have a year's worth of adventures mapped out at a time. I've seen how much joy has come from their son joining their family, and I would love to see them blessed through adoption. Please reach out to them, even just to get to know them. They're that rad."

Lindsey ENDORSED | Fun Loving, Friendly, Outgoing, Creative, Genuine

"I grew up with Emily and have always looked up to her integrity and her artistic way of approaching life. It is obvious that Emily loves being a mom and has room in her heart for another darling child. Emily has a sense of wonder that keeps her open to new experiences like living in diverse cities, visiting far away countries, and befriending people from other cultures. Her husband Cy is solid, a person to be relied upon. Cy is one of the funniest people I've ever met. Before he was a father himself he visited our family of four young children and produced so much laughter and joy from my kids, it was just amazing. He has a real gift with children. There home is one of security and love a place where all are welcome."

Rebecca Lloyd ENDORSED | Fun Loving, Friendly, Outgoing, Creative, Genuine

"I just love Emily and Cy Bowers. They are wonderful people and a fantastic couple. Emily and I met in Venezuela while both serving a mission for our church. She was a lot of fun to be around. I love her easy going attitude about life. She is a very kind person with a beautiful singing voice and piano playing skills. She is also very creative with all the sewing projects that she does and she is funny. I met Cy after Emily and Cy were married. He is a perfect match for Emily. He is a creative person too. He loves life and has a fun sense of humor. He works hard and is honest and trust worthy. They both know how to have fun, be kind and are always are thinking of others. I am so grateful to know them and pray that they can grow their family and get to parent more awesome kids. They do a wonderful job at raising their son Leo. He is a very loved and blessed boy. "

Natalie Hatch ENDORSED | Fun Loving, Friendly, Outgoing, Creative, Genuine

"I met Emily & Cy when we were neighbors in an apartment complex and have remained close friends with them since--about five years. I was drawn to Emily because she is approachable and completely herself in every setting. She's funny and intelligent, interesting, understanding and down to earth. Cy exudes a catching, postitive energy, has a unique sense of humor, and is a great conversationalist. Both Emily & Cy are hugely creative and talented. Emily has taught my daughters arts and crafts, made me incredible meals, and designed and sewed a quilt for my baby. Cy once enlisted my daughters in a zombie movie he and Emily made for fun. He is a remarkable visual artist, and has created, printed, and distributed his own board game. Emily & Cy are social adventurers--they've traveled all over the world and have made lasting friendships with the people they've met. Along with being fun and creative, they both have sharp intellects. Cy is a doctor and Emily loves literature and has a brain for mathematics. Emily & Cy are loyal friends, fun and spontaneous and overall genuine people who both look for and do tangible good in the world. Once, when I explained to my kids that Emily and Cy were looking to adopt, my kids asked whether they might adopt them. Ha! Emily & Cy are incredible people who would embrace and wholly love any addition to their family."

Lacy Mayberry ENDORSED | Fun Loving, Friendly, Outgoing, Creative, Genuine

"I have always thought my brother Cy would make the best dad of any man I knew. And he is that kind of a dad to Leo! He has always loved kids and looked forward to having children to raise. I remember that he paid for our nephew to fly out to New York where he was living to take him on a fun vacation. He not only sacrificed time and money to give him a memorable experience, he also taught this nephew of ours to sleep in his own room on that trip! Previously our nephew had been too scared to fall asleep at night but Cy helped him to be brave and it stuck! There was another situation in which this nephew was very scared and upset and Cy was the only one in the family who could calm his fears and help him through it. I was truly amazed to witness it. Cy is a favorite uncle on both sides of the family and has such a heart for children from any family, any part of the world. I love a picture that he took in Tanzania with some of the little children he met while he was there as a medical volunteer. You can tell by looking at it that he was so happy to be serving those people, even though they had met only recently, and that they were so happy to have met him! Cy is a very determined person, so he accomplishes everything he sets out to accomplish. It amazes me that he is a doctor with such a creative, funny side as well! He makes friends so easily and keeps them, because he genuinely cares about people. With all that he accomplishes he always leaves time for the people he loves. His wife Emily is a perfect fit for him and a wonderful, loving mother with many talents. She has made so many sacrifices to become a mother. Any child would be very blessed to have them as parents. "

Hilaree Cardon ENDORSED | Fun Loving, Friendly, Outgoing, Creative, Genuine

"Emily is a wonderful, loving and caring person. She is also very talented, smart and creative. In addition to being a friend, she was my daughter's Piano teacher and also gave her sewing lessons.. All my kids would get so excited when Emily would come to the house because she was an amazing . She gave attention to each of them even though only one of them was taking lessons. When we moved, I missed her dearly. She contacted me over a year after we moved and said that she was thinking of me and wanted my address. Emily knew that I and my daughter loved and appreciated handmade goods. She sent from Hawaii to Connecticut, the most beautiful handmade quilted butterfly pillow case that my daughter doesn't just use as a decoration but sleeps on every night because she loves it so much. I link she loves it so much not only because its beautiful, but because she feels so special that someone did that for her. Emily didn't know that I was going through a really hard time when she sent this gift. It lifted my spirit in a way I cannot explain but also showed me that Emily is very intune. Cy is also great with children. Very fun, loving and creative. He is also very smart and together they are wonderful parents that will set a wonderful example of what a loving home looks like for their children. I knew them before they had their son Leo, and you could tell that they were going to be great parents if given the opportunity, I love Emily and CY and Cannot recommend them enough."

Paula Garner ENDORSED | Fun Loving, Friendly, Outgoing, Creative, Genuine

"Emily is one of the most thoughtful people I know. Here's the perfect example: I had just moved to get out of a bad roommate situation and Emily and her roommate showed up at my door. They had decided to create a new holiday--Stacey Day (we still celebrate it 9 years later!) and they took me roller blading and out to lunch. We met Throughout our friendship, we've shared many spiritual and heart-felt emails, as well as some pretty hilarious ones. She is always willing to share herself with others. She has been such a creator of memories for me. And Cy is her perfect match. When I first met Cy, I was so happy because I knew they would be so happy together. They share so many creative talents that complement each other perfectly and they know how to have fun. Cy recently created a board game that we love to play.--I love that he is a creator of fun. I was just thinking about Emily the other day and how she once played me a song that she wrote about one of her friends. She later gave me a copy of that song and I play it for my kids now. And that made me realize that if I had to pick a characteristic that summarized Emily and Cy it would be that they are creators: creators of songs, of crafts, of silly music videos, creators of love, of family, of hope. "

Stacey Brown ENDORSED | Fun Loving, Friendly, Outgoing, Creative, Genuine

"It has been my pleasure to be part of the group that Emily and Cy call friends. I feel so lucky to know them. They are both very admirable people. Emily is the kind of woman that will always notice the best in people. She has the remarkable ability to be able to help people feel comfortable to be close to her. She can do anything she puts her mind to and inspires me to be a better person each time we get together. Some experiences with her have been in the company of others that love her as much as I do. She does so much to help others and is especially good with kids. I remember how she shared with me how she was teaching math to kids and helping them to memorize their times tables. I was very impressed with how she made it fun and enjoyed her time with each of her students. Then she set up an art class for the summer and my son took the class and loved it. She is an amazing woman by my standards. Cy is also the kind of person that you would like to know. He is so creative and hardworking. It has been fun to see the types of things he does with his creative inspirations. He gave my son a great picture to color to keep track of his reading as he was beginning to become a better reader. I know he is not afraid to try most anything and is willing to work hard to reach his goals. I feel like I could call on either one of them anytime if I needed help. "

Cecilia Chavez ENDORSED | Fun Loving, Friendly, Outgoing, Creative, Genuine

"I cannot say enough good about this family. They love their family. Emily has taught me on many occasions how to parent my children through her example of how she parents Leo. She loves being a mom and puts effort into what she does as a mom. Cy works hard at work and loves hard at home. He may work long hours but has so much love and energy for his family. Emily and Cy are a golden couple. Their love for each other is seen by others and they adore each other. They succeed as parents already for Leo and will make great parents to whoever God sends their way."

Alishia ENDORSED | Fun Loving, Friendly, Outgoing, Creative, Genuine

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