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"We are so thrilled to be able to write this letter of recommendation for Emily and Kevin. Emily is my sister in every essence of the word. She is caring, kind, and always constant. Kevin is no different. Emily and I met over 18 years ago in high school and became close friends while running in track together. I ended up living with her and her family when I lost my own mother to cancer. She has always been a person of faith, and someone that I have come to rely and count on over the years. Kevin shares in these qualities with her, which makes them an excellent match. They both deeply care for others, and are the first to be there when needed. They have flown and driven many miles to see us over the years. We had our first child just before their wedding. She was born prematurely and unfortunately had to spend 3 weeks in the NICU. They traveled over to Spokane from Seattle to visit once she was able to come home. This is just one of many examples I could provide of their compassion. My husband and I have now been married for 10 years, and in that time, he has gotten to know Emily, and then Kevin, very well. We have been privy to all that they have gone through while trying to conceive their own biological child. It is something that has been incredibly heartbreaking. I absolutely believe that their marriage is strong enough to weather anything that comes their way. They have remained steadfast to each other while struggling with their fertility issues. I can only imagine the strain that this could potentially put on a marriage, but instead of becoming frustrated with each other, they have developed a new and more secure and permanent bond. We have personally seen this while spending time with them. They are very loving and nurturing toward each other, and talk very highly of one another whenever they speak. They have a marriage that many can only hope to one day have. We have both observed them with our children, who are of course, the most important little people to us. They are a fantastic auntie and uncle to them. Our daughter can be very shy, but absolutely loves to be with Emily and Kevin!! We recently took a trip to Seattle to visit, and we got to spend the day with them downtown doing all of the fun things that children love! They took the time to spend with our kids when I know that they have many things on their plate. Kevin is someone that doesn’t do particularly well with heights and small spaces, but as soon as our daughter asked to go on the ferris wheel, he was the first to jump in line. Our kids both gravitate toward them. Our son, who recently had his first birthday, only wanted to be held by Emily and Kevin while on this trip. It was so fun to see both of our own children with them. It shows me what incredible parents they will make. They are just so joyful when they are with our kids. They are caring, very attentive, and extremely aware of what is going on around them and what they need. They wouldn’t take their eyes off of our daughter while walking in busy downtown foot traffic. We would literally trust them both with the lives of our children. Emily and Kevin are currently remodeling a home so that they have land and extra space for a family. I believe that an adopted child would fit into their lives seamlessly. They are already taking all of the necessary steps toward providing a safe and loving atmosphere. In buying and remodeling a home that has been in Kevin's family for many years, they are ensuring that their own children will have space to run and play, and to be closer to extended family. They know that it “takes a village”, and want to provide their future children with every advantage. I have been able to observe their parenting skills on several occasions with our own children, and it's been a joy to hear about, and see them with their other niece and nephew (Kevin's brother and sister-in-law's children). They are so ready to have their own family. They have decided on adoption because they have not been able to carry their own biological children. When they decided to go this route, they immediately became proactive in the steps it would take, and the changes they wanted to make with their work lives, and home. They will soon live further out of the city to provide any children with a safe and happy environment closer to family. Emily will be changing jobs so that she can have a more hands on, semi-stay at home presence, while Kevin will be able to eventually move his law practice to where they will be living. They have an incredible support system. Both of their immediate families are very hands on, and can’t wait to have more grandchildren. We will also be there every step of the way to help and offer support when needed. Any child that comes into their home will be so lucky and blessed to call them mom and dad. They are so ready for this step in their lives. They can provide the love and emotional support needed, and can also provide financially so that their child/children never go without. We are so blessed and thankful to call them family, and can't wait to see them with their very own!! Thank you, Hollie and Zachary Hill "

" It is with great confidence and excitement that we submit this letter of recommendation and reference for Kevin and Emily. We were thrilled when they told us that they are pursuing adoption, as we believe they will be amazing parents and any child (or children) they have the privilege of raising and nurturing would be entering a wonderful family with a strong support system of loving and committed relatives and friends. But most of all, they would be entering a loving home with a committed mother and father. Kevin is my older brother, so I have known him for my entire life. More than maybe any other individual I know, Kevin embodies the phrase “family first.” Kevin would do anything to serve or assist his family when they need it. He is loving, patient, kind, a great teacher, and I’m excited for him to become a father because I know he will be an excellent role model and devote his entire life to his children. When we first met Emily, we knew she was special and feel so blessed to have her in our family. Her passion for life and her family is inspiring, and her loving and caring nature is a gift that will bless any child lucky enough to call her their mother. We (Jen and Mitch) have been together for 15+ years, and it’s been exciting for us to watch Kevin and Emily meet, grow in their relationship, get married, and reach the point of wanting to start a family. They have been through a lot together over the years, and we are proud of the way they have handled life’s ups and downs together, supporting and loving one another through the good times and the more challenging times. We have two children, our daughter is 3.5 years old and our son just recently turned 1. Observing Kevin and Emily with our children is a true joy, as their passion for kids and excitement about becoming parents is very clear and fun to watch. When our daughter was born, Kevin and Emily waited for hours at the hospital to meet their niece. They were so excited to be an aunt and uncle for the first time. We have always trusted them to watch our children - even when our kids were younger and it was at times difficult - because of how loving they are to our kids and because we know that any directions or advice we give them they will follow 100% because of their desire to keep our kids safe. They have become our go-to babysitters and the kids never want them to leave if we come back from a date. Uncle Kev and Auntie Em are talked about long after they leave, and we love the relationships they have built with our children. They are supportive, attentive, engaged, and generous to our little ones. They love getting down to the child’s level and being silly with the kids. If anything unfortunate should ever happen to us and our children needed to be taken care of or raised by someone else - Kevin and Emily are who we have chosen. At the risk of sounding boastful because it is our own family we are talking about, we are confident that Kevin and Emily have a strong and loving support system that would welcome a child with great excitement and open arms and treat an adopted child as one of their very own. Since we have had children, we have been overwhelmed by the love and support our family has shown us, and it helps that almost all of our relatives live within hours of one another. We are also close with our extended family (cousins & aunts/uncles) who live in the area, and they have young children as well. An adopted child would fit into our family wonderfully, as everyone is so excited for Kevin and Emily to be parents and will embrace any and all of their children lovingly. Selfishly, we are excited to be an aunt and uncle to their children, and look forward to loving them and being active participants in their lives. We couldn’t be more thrilled that Kevin and Emily have decided to pursue adoption, and look forward to the day when we can meet the newest member of our family. Any child that enters their home will have a wonderfully loving, caring, nurturing, supportive, attentive, and passionate mother and father in Emily and Kevin. They are going to be amazing parents. We are excited and feel fortunate to be a small part of their journey. Best, Mitch and Jen Anderson "