The Pups

Aug 31, 2021

We’re dog people, and we’re lucky to have two amazing, incredibly sweet dogs, Rusty and Bruce. Rusty is an 11 year old Dachshund (weiner dog). Eric has had him since he was a puppy and he is an absolute cuddlebug. He likes to burrow into blankets, and each night he tucks himself into bed. If you’re on the couch, he’ll be right there next to you. He hates cold weather, and if it gets cold enough outside, he’ll start lifting up different paws so that they aren’t all touching the ground. When he was younger, he was anxious around strangers, but now that he’s older he’ll jump into any stranger’s lap. Bruce is a 4 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi and we got him as a puppy. He’s fiercely loyal and loves people and children. He hates disorder, and he’ll bark if anyone starts horsing around or misbehaving. But even though he can be bossy, he has a big heart and is never more than a few feet away from us. He’s also smart and picks up new tricks super fast, especially if there’s food involved. His favorite toy is a ball, and he can play fetch for hours.

About Eric - By Dave

Aug 31, 2021

When a lot of people talk about their job it’s to complain. When Eric talks about his job teaching high school math he talks about the kids. While he could easily grumble about staying late to help a student or grading papers on Sunday evening, instead he talks about the smart young girl who aced their exam, or the boy who is struggling to keep up with schoolwork because his family has run into hard times. This isn’t because Eric is some sort of saint, but it’s because Eric invests himself in the things he cares about. If something has Eric’s focus, he will give it his 110% every time, yet somehow always with a breezy, fun attitude. Eric is an avid baker, and if a cake doesn’t work out, no big deal! He just inspects the results and gets back to the books to see where he might have gone wrong. For Eric, every mistake is an opportunity to learn and grow. I think he must have picked this up when he was training to be a competitive figure skater. Falls happen: what matters is what you do when you get back up. It’s for this reason he has been such an incredible husband. My worries are his worries, my triumphs are his triumphs, and I know that no matter where life takes us, he will be there to lift his family up.

About Dave - By Eric

Aug 31, 2021

Dave would describe himself as an introvert, but no one outside of our close friends and family would think this is true. Dave can easily become the life of the party and one of the funniest people in the room. However, it is not until you get past his initial outgoing attitude that you get to see his more introverted and true self. Behind the scenes Dave is extremely passionate about expressing himself through music. Music has been a part of Dave’s life from grade school when he became an accomplished clarinetist and joined several bands. Dave now loves to spend as much time as he can in his studio creating new pieces of music with the eventual goal of playing his songs at local coffee shops. Outside of his studio, I would describe Dave as someone who wants to better understand people. Whether at work or at home, Dave feels a job can only be completed if everyone contributes to the goal. Dave always tells me that everyone brings a unique point of view and that we all need to feel listened to. Dave’s positive outlook on people is what I love the most about him. It is impossible to be around Dave and not feel like the most important person in the room. I am excited to see a child experience Dave’s love and support as they grow up

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