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Hoping to Adopt (Massachusetts)


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Maggie H.

Family Friend

It's hard to sum up Erica and Chris in one word, or a short sentence. They have over the last 10 years; Erica has been my best friend, both have been my support system and my go-to for any type of advice. They are not judgmental and are always the first to say, "What can I do?". I cannot imagine them not sharing love for anyone in need. To see them grow as parents, will be nothing short of amazing, and any child placed in their care will not only have amazing parents, but an amazing extended family as well. Both Chris and Erica have amazing families that are so loving and caring. Trust me, we are all lucky to have them in our lives!

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Kyle Kowalsky

Close Friend

I have known Chris and Erica since being hired to work with them both in retail in the fall of the 2008 and became fast friends with them both. Beyond being full time coworkers, sharing shifts and pranks, we often hung outside of work, sharing meals, drinks, and road trips across both state and country lines. Past the original job that introduced us all, we kept each other in touch for future opportunities, getting one another jobs at offices beyond our retail jobs. I have considered both close as family and in 2017 I had the honor of being Chris' best man at his wedding. Each day spent with them--separately and together--is an adventure. Exciting, fun, full of laughter and light. While I have already put my reputation on the line when referring them for friendships and job referrals, I take a specific honor in recommending them for adoption. As an adoptee myself, my positive experience and worldview is the result of endless selflessness and kindness in my two parents, who show this love to everyone they encounter, not just me, as though they were sent to the world to help others. It is a litmus test I would base any prospective adoptive parents against, and Chris and Erica pass this with ease.

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Brianna Noyes


Erica and Chris will be incredible parents. You'd be hard pressed to find two people more loyal or dedicated to their families and the people they love. Fun, committed, compassionate, adventurous, considerate, and empathetic - Erica and Chris are the epitome of what anyone would seek in parents. I could not be more grateful for their friendship and to have them in my life.

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Todd Lovell


I came to know Erica through work almost 10 years ago and Chris a little after that. We quickly became good friends and have remained so. I can attest to their kind and loving nature both with children and pets. They are reliable and trustworthy, and always follow through on their commitments. In addition, their creative spirit and dedication to their home life to would continue to make a wonderful loving environment. I have no doubt that they would be caring and responsible parents. I wholeheartedly recommend Chris and Erica, and I am confident they will make wonderful parents.

Todd Lovell Endorsed Family-oriented, Hard-working, Reliable, Creative

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Barbara Susan

Ericas’s mom-in-law, Christopher’’s mom

This past year, when Chris and Erica shared with us the fact that they have been trying since 2018 to have a child, I was gobsmacked. I thought back to the many times I had hinted about future grandchildren, unknowingly adding to their distress. Through it all, Christopher and Erica showed true grace and grit, trying to shield us from the knowledge of the emotional and financial strain they had been going through for the last five years. They kept the faith, and didn’t want us to lose hope, so they quietly endured. That is why I know they will be great parents-they both put the needs of others ahead of their own. I am not surprised- Christopher has always been the one to come through for anyone in crisis. Many years ago, when Christopher was a teenager, he attempted to save the life of a stranger who had set herself on fire. The victim’s family publicly thanked my son for his efforts, and I keep that newspaper clipping in my Bible. I am so proud to be his mom. I know that his selflessness and compassion will help him navigate the trials and tribulations of parenthood. Erica will be a great mom, as well. She has the patience, determination and endurance to get push through any task. The word “no” doesn’t exist for her . When Christopher was diagnosed with a gluten and dairy allergy, Erica, an accomplished gourmet cook, reformulated all her recipes to exclude the allergens. Her home -made pasta, breads and cakes, indeed, all her daily gluten, dairy free meals, are a testament to her love, devotion and concern for the health and well-being for Christopher . Both Erica and Christopher have shown us in so many ways that what is most important to them is their love of family. They are both free and generous of their time . My husband, Paul, was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago, and Christopher has been a lifeline, giving up weekends to travel to Connecticut to complete projects and yard work. Erica has the same selflessness. One of the gifts I most treasure is a beautiful, hand-crafted leather handbag Erica made for me. Knowing the care Erica took in selecting the leather, lining, thread, and the hours she spent meticulously hand-stitching the hand bag, this gift is so very precious because every time I carry this bag I feel the love created it. Christopher and Erica are true partners, supporting each other through career changes, demanding hobbies, home renovations, raising their puppies, and now the challenge of becoming parents. Through it all they have always made family the top priority, and that will never change.

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Lino Cugini


To whom it may concern, I have known Erica for the last 19 years and Chris for past 10 years or so. Erica is my sister’s stepdaughter and this is how I first came to know her back in 2003. When I first met Erica she was only 17, but it was evident that she was mature well beyond her years. She has always shown great kindness and patience when dealing with any type of situation be it caring for her nephews or dealing with everyday calamities. When it comes to her nephews, she is always quick to play a game with them or read them a bedtime story. I have also observed Erica and Chris with their two adorable French bulldogs (Bruce & Breakfast) and the love, compassion, and care that they give to those loving creatures is a testament to the type of loving people they are themselves. As a parent for the past 26 years, I have come to understand that children need to develop and experience compassion. Kids need love, understanding, and comforting. Regardless of whether you feel they're right or wrong, their feelings, just like anyone's, deserve validation. For as long as I have known Chris, he has always demonstrated a genuine sense of compassion, respect, and understanding for others. He is someone who takes the time to get to know people. He is kind, considerate, empathetic, and is open to other points of view. He is genuinely a very caring and compassionate person at heart. From observing the way Erica and Chris interact with their nephews, their families, to their pets, and people in general, I know that they would both be excellent parents. They are both kind, compassionate, genuine, and reliable people who are always there to lend a helping hand. They have a solid marriage, are committed to each other, and are financially able to provide a wonderful life to a child. In closing, I am not personally aware of anything in their character or history that should prevent them from being successful adoptive parents. I wholeheartedly give my recommendation of Erica and Chris to adopt a child.

Lino Cugini Endorsed loyal, Creative, compassionate, Reliable, Friendly, Hard-working, Family-oriented

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Jessica Donovan


Chris and Erica are responsible, loyal, caring, funny and show an immense amount of love to their families. They will make wonderful parents.

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Jessica Kovach


I’ve known Erica and Chris for more than 12 years. We started as co-workers but have remained close friends as they’ve continued their careers. I’ve been lucky enough to witness their friendship turn into something more, ultimately as the married couple they are now. Their love for each other and their friends & family is unconditional. They’ve had their ups and downs like in any relationship, and because of their honest communication and intentional effort to have a healthy relationship, they have flourished. Erica and Chris discussed wanting a family early in their relationship; they wanted time to grow together and build a solid foundation before taking the next step. They are ready. I can't imagine the trauma of a miscarriage; it is heartbreaking to know they have had such an experience. They haven't given up. They are stronger as a couple. I honestly can't imagine two people who are more deserving of having a child. I love them and hope that they can grow as a family.

Jessica Kovach Endorsed Family-oriented, Hard-working, Friendly, Reliable, compassionate, Creative, loyal

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Dana Williams

Erica's aunt

Erica and Chris are both loving, compassionate and caring individuals as well as intelligent and successful professionals. They lead active lives and have two dogs and a cat. Erica grew up surrounded by children. As the oldest of three children, she would watch her siblings after school, while her parents worked and she would constantly babysit for a couple of the families in her neighborhood, as well as often babysitting my own children. Christopher at family gatherings, can often be seen on the floor playing with the younger children. His love for children is apparent. Erica and Chris have been married for a little over five years, created a stable, secure home and have dreamed of having their own family. Erica and Chris truly deserve to be parents, and any child would be lucky to have them as parents. It has been said, it takes a village to raise a child. Erica and Chris come from very large and close extended families who will offer one hundred percent of their love, support and assistance, in any way necessary.

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There isn’t a generic way to describe Erica and Chris because they are a truly unique couple, a quality they exude through every aspect of their lives. Rather than writing about their kindness and love for family, which they possess deeply, I would rather highlight some of my favourite traits. They are naturally curious and wonderfully adventurous, attributes that will infinitely enrich their future child’s life. The house they’ve entirely renovated together is somewhere between a home and a family wonderland. Every room and corner has been carefully crafted to represent them or accommodate their guests and their fur babies. The combination of Chris’ love for music and Erica’s talent for every craft imaginable makes for every child’s dream home. Their hard work and professional knowledge of all-things tech adds the little bit of geek that awards every couple their parent badge. There isn’t an obstacle they haven’t learned to overcome in their lives; Erica and Chris are headstrong and relentless; no matter the curveball life throws at them, they always come out swinging. I wholeheartedly look forward to the day their perfectly crafted and always-anticipated yearly holiday card includes one little festive heart more.

Afshan Endorsed Family-oriented, Hard-working, Friendly, Reliable, compassionate, Creative, loyal

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Nicole DiZuzio


Erica and Chris are two of the most passionate people I know whether it be a house project a craft or starting a family they give everything that they are to reach their goals. There’s no shortage of love and support in their house and throughout their extended families. Erica and Chris are always down to try new things, visit a new city and do something out of their comfort zone. Their relationship has flourished over the years through the best and worst times and there are no better people to take on this new journey of parenthood. They have always taken to kids of family and friends and I have no doubt they will fall easily into the roles of mom and dad and raise a beautiful munchkin of their own

Nicole DiZuzio Endorsed Family-oriented, Hard-working, Friendly, Reliable, compassionate, Creative, loyal

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Tiz Cugini


I have known Erica since she was 16 and I have known Chris since 2016. Let me begin by saying there is no such thing as the word stepparent in our family, we are a very close-knit family and spend a lot of time together. I whole heartedly endorsee these two individuals, they are hardworking, loving, caring and always there when you need them. They would make wonderful parents to a child they are terrific parent to their three pets as no detail goes unnoticed and their needs are always met.

Tiz Cugini Endorsed Family-oriented, Hard-working, Friendly, Reliable, compassionate, Creative, loyal

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Daniele Cellucci


I have known Erica for the last 20 years and was introduced to Chris several years before their marriage in 2017. They exemplify what it means to have a healthy marriage. Their teamwork and cohesiveness among one another are conveyed by the home improvement projects that they continually take on together. They have demonstrated an ability to responsibly nurture and care for their two dogs. Furthermore, their attention toward cleanliness and organization in their home give me the most confidence that they can provide a living space conducive to raising a child. Erica and Chris are goal-oriented and open-minded individuals who have an appetite for learning new skills and being well-informed about the state of the world. They also have strong self-learning abilities, stemming from their high proficiency in the technological industry. Finally, they have solid moral foundations when it comes to their decision-making and a tight-knit family that they can lean on anytime they are in need. Erica and Chris are a pleasure to be around. They have a light sense of humor and are a fun-loving couple. At home, they can often be found cooking home-made meals, engaging in crafting or exploring their love for music. I positively give my full endorsement to both Erica and Chris on their new endeavor of wanting to be become parents to an adopted child. I look forward to seeing them both become new parents as well as meeting their new addition to our family.

Daniele Cellucci Endorsed Family-oriented, Hard-working, Friendly, Reliable, compassionate, Creative, loyal

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Kari Meszaros-Phaneuf

Family Friend

Where or where do I start? I have known Erica for more than 25 years; I met her when I was asked to babysit for her younger siblings and we were able to bond over our love of ER and 90's boy bands. We developed a true, long-lasting friendship. I've considered Erica as part of my family for so long all three of my kids call her "Auntie" Erica. Erica started talking to be about Chris back in 2014; you know as the guy from Apple. When I first met Chris, I knew he was a perfect balance for Erica. Chris is one of those people who can sit down and have a conversation about anything. Chris and I share a love of music and it's needless to say we never run out of things to talk about. Chris now a fixture in all of mine and Erica's crazy adventures...running 5k's on a whim, doing inflatable obstacle courses, and random family outings to concerts. It is like Chris has always been there as part of the family and it's realistic to say that if he wasn't here something would be missing at all of our family gatherings. Erica and Chris (as well as their families) are the type of friends who will drop whatever they are doing and rush to your side when you need help. I mean, how many people can say they have a friend who volunteers to drive 2000 miles across the country with a very, very pregnant friend and her two dogs? Well, that's Erica...and not only did she do that for me, she also learned how to drive a manual transmission for the ride! Erica and Chris are amazing with my kids; I have never hesitated to leave my kids in their care. Both of them get down and play and talk to my kids like they are equals rather than an annoying little kid asking 1089 questions in a row. Erica is my oldest child's godmother and spent many, many hours helping me with him as he grew up. I hope you will take a moment to reach out to them and find out how amazing they are as people and how amazing they will be as parents.

Kari Meszaros-Phaneuf Endorsed Family-oriented, Hard-working, Friendly, Reliable, compassionate, Creative, loyal

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To say Erica and Chris are a caring, compassionate, and playful couple is an understatement. I have known Erica for almost 20 years now and her dedication to family is unmatched. From emotional support, to physically helping others, to holidays, and vacations it is clear that family is a priority to both her and Chris (as well as their families). Despite challenges life may throw at them, they continue to live their lives through love. It would be a blessing for them to expand their family and further extend that love.

Charlene Endorsed Family-oriented, Hard-working, Friendly, Reliable, compassionate, Creative, loyal

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Sonja Rissland


I've known Chris and Erica for over 15 years. They're creative, loving, accepting, and family-oriented and would make wonderful parents. They also have a large extended family so their child would have a massive cheering section of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Their child would grow up surrounded by love, friendship, and good food.

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Pompeo Casale

Father of Erica

Obviously I have known Erica her entire life. I have watched her grow from an infant, to a child, to an adolescent, and her teen years and now her young adult years. Throughout each of these steps in her life she has maintained a grounded sense of family. She has excelled at work and her chosen hobbies. The only thing missing from her well round life is to become a parent. I beleive with all my heart, that given the enormous family support that she has, she will make an extraodinary parent.

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