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early spring in the city
Please visit us at www.erica-and-jordan.com and on Instagram @ericaandjordanadopt

We live in the West Village of New York City - a charming and quiet neighborhood home to a farmer's market, great playgrounds, cobblestone streets and a park that winds along the Hudson River.

We value learning and treasure growth in life. We believe in equality - for real - and a world where education, diversity, and expression are virtues... and we feel we'll provide a strong foundation of deep love, stability, and support for a child.

Our building is near amazing schools known for their strong community involvement and wonderful teachers. We're also very lucky to have our families nearby. Jordan's parents, Erica's sister and brother-in-law, and our aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces & nephew all live in and around the city. Erica's mom is moving to NYC this year, and Erica's dad, who lives in Florida, can't wait to play with the new grandchild in his kiddie pool. In fact, this will be the first grandchild for all of our parents, and everyone is over-the-moon excited.

We have a large circle of friends in Manhattan and Brooklyn, many of whom have children. It's a diverse, extended community that will offer life-long support, playdates, friendships and fun. We have family members who've been adopted and friends who've adopted children. In short: they say it takes a village, and we're thankful to have such an awesome one, in which any child will be welcomed and loved by all.

As for us, our lives changed completely when we met at a yoga/music camp-out several years ago. Jordan was living in Canada at the time, so our first dates were in the mountains of upstate New York and on a lobster boat in Maine (yep!). We love to travel, dance, hike and explore the outdoors, chill on the beach, swim, watch movies, see live music, and cook together. We also love planning large projects - everything from dinner parties with friends, to family holiday feasts, to Erica's film shoots, to our own wedding. We make a great team, in work and play, and look forward to bringing that joy to parenting. Oh, and last but not least, there's the cats. We've got two awesome furballs named Mingu (after the jazz musician Charles Mingus) and Ponyo (named after a Japanese animated movie character). They're world-class snugglers.
Loving New Orleans

Loving New Orleans

On Jordan

I was born and raised in NYC, and discovered a passion for traveling as a teenager. After college, I found my way to living in places as far flung as France, Uganda, India, San Francisco, Maine, New Orleans, and Toronto. I eventually returned to New York for law school, and moved to Brooklyn soon after. I now work as an attorney in a small law firm with two friends, representing artists and small businesses.

I’m an only child, though my mother is an identical twin, and I grew up and remain close with my older cousin (technically my genetic half-brother) and his family. I love music – playing piano, seeing concerts, and going out dancing. I love getting outdoors, whether to beach, the mountains, or simply discovering hidden corners of the city. Cooking for family and friends is one of my favorite things to do. It relaxes, nourishes, and inspires me. And as for kids . . . I dream of being a father and getting to share my love and experience with a child, to serve as a guide throughout her or his life.
Sun-kissed at the beach

Sun-kissed at the beach

On Erica

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts playing in the grass & the snow, and falling in love with the ocean & the theatre. I moved to NYC at 17 to study acting, and have lived here more or less ever since (apart from some time in Santa Fe, South Korea, and Sweden). I still act (in theatre, film & TV), but also make films and theatre, and teach acting at a few universities. I feel lucky to have discovered a passion at such a young age, and to now have a career in it.

I've also known since I was a teenager that I would not be able to conceive a child, and have long thought about adopting... and am so deeply moved to be in this process. I genuinely love kids, and have always found an ease in connecting with children. I suspect that my creative spirit helps me click into their mind-space, as I've always been that adult who kids get drawn to. I am just so excited to bring that connection, caring, and love to parenting… and I am beyond honored to be doing all this with Jordan, who will be an incredible father.
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