• 3 Honest and trustworthy
  • 3 Fun Parents
  • 3 Adventurous
  • 3 Outdoorsy
  • 3 Creative
  • 3 Loving

"Erica has loved babies and children since she was a little girl. She has longed to be a mother forever. I am thrilled that Erica and Jordan have chosen adoption as their path to parenthood. They are a strong, committed and loving couple who have the desire and capacity to nurture, guide, inspire and give abundant love to their child. They are highly responsible and intelligent, as well as creative and playful. Children are attracted to them and they love spending time with nieces, nephews and children of friends. They are more than ready to raise a child of their own. And, I am looking forward to welcoming a grandchild into our extended family!"

Cheryl ENDORSED | Honest And Trustworthy, Fun Parents, Adventurous, Outdoorsy, Creative, Loving, Hard-working And Dependable, Supportive, Positive Thinking, Wise

"We are Hugo and Denis, husbands and dads to our beautiful five year old son, Declan. We have known Erica for over 14 years; long before the idea and impulse for creating our family had stirred in us. My husband and I are adoptive parents through Foster Care. When our own little bundle of joy was placed in our arms, the first person we thought of to be his godmother was Erica. She is known and loved for her gentle, sweet nature and generosity of spirit; and for her fierce intelligence and creativity. Jordan is a welcome new addition to our inner circle of chosen family and friends. We have come to love him as well for his openness, loving protective nature, wit and compassion. Toddlers always know the truth. Our son has always greeted him with open arms and hugs. This couple will make excellent parents. We can wholeheartedly recommend Erica and Jordan to adopt a child. Hugo and Denis"

Hugo Redwood ENDORSED | Honest And Trustworthy, Fun Parents, Adventurous, Outdoorsy, Creative, Loving

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