Father’s Day

Jun 17, 2019

Today, we went to Erin’s parents home to celebrate Father’s Day. We brought home made guacamole and strawberry salad. We were happy everyone enjoyed them! We took a walk, then BBQ and just hung out in the TV room. We are so appreciative of both of our dads. They taught us about good work ethic and how to be supportive to our loved ones:)

Our home..

May 22, 2019

We wanted to tell you a little bit about our home. We live in a townhouse a couple blocks away from the elementary school. There are a couple of playgrounds to choose from. If you were in our house, you’d see we have 2 bedrooms upstairs and a full bathroom. Downstairs, we have another bedroom that we use as an office space, then a bathroom, spacious kitchen and TV room. We spend most of our time in the “den” area. One day, we hope to have a home with a basement for more play area and entertainment! We hope you liked the “tour”..

This past weekend..

May 20, 2019

On Friday night, we went to a Phillies game with Andrew’s parents and thankfully they won! We didn’t think the game was going to go on because it was raining, but it cleared up. Andrew and his dad are huge Phillies fans. It was nice to spend time with his parents. Then, Saturday, Erin and her mom went to a gala supporting the nursing home her grandparents were in for several years. There was great food and a comedian (Susie Essman from Curb Your Enthusiasm). It was a really nice night for a good cause. Sunday, we did the typical laundry and grocery shopping. We hope your weekend was nice :)

Renewing our home study

May 01, 2019

We are getting paperwork together to renew our home study, which needs to be completed yearly in order to adopt. For those that don’t know what a home study is: a licensed social worker evaluates your home to determine that it’s safe for a child to live in. We have a wonderful social worker that was referred to us by our adoption lawyer! We provide financial and health information, answer questions about personal strengths/weaknesses as well as within our marriage and talk about family support to ensure that any child that lives with us will be fully supported. We get finger prints and background checks completed as well, which was just done yesterday.  It takes time to complete this process but it’s really important.. not only for legal reasons, but so that any expectant parent knows that their child is in good hands should they choose us- because nothing is more important.

Saturday Shower

Apr 28, 2019

Today, I (Erin) went to one of my best friend’s baby shower. I’ve been friends with the girls in this photo for most of my life now. We have been through everything together and we all support each other through life’s changes. Typically, we enjoy crafting together or just getting dinner and chatting. Today was a beautiful celebration and we can’t wait to meet this baby girl!

Holiday weekend

Apr 21, 2019

Happy Easter & Passover! This week, our family from Virginia came up to visit. They typically visit a few times per year and it’s always really special. The kids get to bond and the adults get to catch up. We made dinner as a family one night and the kids pretended they were selling ice cream to all of us for dessert. We hope you enjoyed your holiday!

This weekend

Apr 14, 2019

We had a busy weekend! On Saturday, we babysat for our 3 year old nephew. First, we went to the playground a couple blocks from our house and then went to get Ritas’s Water Ice. Mango is our nephew’s favorite! At night we went to the movies and saw Shazam. Andrew is a huge fan of super hero movies- there’s no lack of super hero knowledge in this house.. On Sunday, Andrew has a softball game and then we made chocolate ice cream with our ice cream maker. Yum! In between the fun activities we did laundry and cleaned. We hope your weekend was nice as well!

Our parents

Apr 09, 2019

We wanted to speak about our nieces and nephew’s relationship with our parents because it’s so very special. We have 2 nieces from Andrew’s sister- his parents babysit the youngest (Victoria) every day, while the oldest (Lily) goes to school. Before Lily started school, they babysat her as well. Andrew’s parents have a dog that graciously puts up with their active nature! Erin’s parents babysit our nephew, Evan 3 days per week. Evan calls their house his second home. They enjoy going to parks, getting frozen yogurt, and going to The Little Gym. Whenever we have the opportunity to raise a child, we know they will be so loved and cared for by our parents as well!

Our nephew

Apr 06, 2019

Every Friday after work, Erin babysits Evan, our nephew. We always try to do something fun or silly like get fake mustaches from the dollar store and dress up! Not only does this bring joy to Evan, but it’s the most rewarding feeling to watch him grow. We love him so very much. 

What Open Adoption Means to Us

Apr 04, 2019

We've spoken about being okay with a closed adoption, but open adoption is something that we are hopeful for. In our minds, openness would be the ability to call, text, FaceTime and send pictures whenever is desired. We are also wanting to do visits (how often would of course depend on distance). We feel that it is immensely important for your child to be able to communicate with you, especially as he/she gets older. Open adoption is gaining in popularity as we continue to listen to the voices of adoptees. Some people feel that it would be confusing for a child to know that they have 2 families. However, we feel that not being able to speak to your biological family would yield more of a negative impact than explaining adoption in an age appropriate way. We've heard over and over from adoptees in closed adoptions that they feel a piece of them is missing. We want our future child to be happy! We never want them to feel like they are held from their first family. During this journey, we've been learning so much, especially from adoptees themselves. We are fortunate to be able to share what we've learned to our family and friends as well. 

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