"To Whom It May Concern: As I write this, I realize that I have known Erin for exactly half of our lives. We met at 15 and were lucky enough to have cultivated a friendship that has lasted into adulthood and seen us through it all. As teens, we supported each other through heartbreaks via endless supplies of chocolate and care. We laughed over the one inane chick flick or another and stayed up late giggling about whatever struck us in that moment. As we became young adults, we visited each other at college and maintained as close a bond as before we left, maybe stronger because we now had to make the effort knowing it was worth it. We both moved back to Bucks County after school and enjoyed the ease of living only 5 minutes from one another again. Eventually, Erin met Andrew and he moved into her home in Newtown and I watched her life change for the better. It is difficult to speak about Erin without sounding trite. The words anyone would use to describe Erin are the kinds of words one might make up to put into a reference letter to make the other person sound perfect. Even so, it is nearly impossible to use words that truly capture her essence. Put simply, Erin is the warmest person I know. In the end, this word summarizes her best. It characterizes her as a friend, a caregiver, a dietitian, a wife, a “fur mom,” and I have no doubt it will characterize her as a mother when the time comes. When Erin speaks about her patients, compassion swims through her words. Erin always puts her family first, making sure Andrew, Markie, and Charlee get everything they need. I have always said that Erin is my best audience; her laugh comes easily and is contagious and sincere. Her friendship is irreplaceable. When my mom asks about her, she always says, “how’s my Erin?” taking ownership of my friend since almost day one. Andrew is a character. He tends to go for the laugh first. Andrew’s jocular nature is part of what makes him so fun and a big part of what makes his and Erin’s relationship work. But that part is only surface-level. I remember spending time with Andrew when they first started dating and Andrew thought he’d hurt my feelings with a joke. By the time I got home that night, I had an apology email from him expressing his concerns for any discomfort he may have caused if I’d misunderstood his jokes and taken them for anything but. That’s who Andrew really is. And most importantly, Andrew loves Erin deeply and does not ever hide it, even when other men might shy away from showing affection the way he does. I believe “there is a lid for every pot” and that Erin and Andrew have found that in one another. Where one may be unsure or hesitant, the other picks up the slack. They support each other in everything, whether financially during Andrew’s job-hunt, domestically (Andrew does laundry, Erin supervises), or emotionally through this amazing decision and journey to become parents. Erin and Andrew are incredible individuals who are even stronger together. Their love for each other will naturally blossom and develop when a child finds their home. The difficulties that come with new parenthood are inevitable, but I can’t wait to see them meet those challenges as a growing family. Please feel free to contact me if you have any follow-up questions. Thank you for your time and consideration, Alison Kazatsky ali.kazatsky@gmail.com "

"Erin is the best- simply put! My friendship with her is one of the longest, meaningful and cherished around. She has all the qualities needed to be an exceptional mother-- patient, positive, and loving to name a few! Xoxoxo"

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