"Jenni has been one of my best friends since we were children. I spent a lot of time at their house growing up and I always admired the relationship she had with her family. They are supportive and kind to one another which is something I’ve tried to emulate in my family. I’ve also watched her raise her own child and I love the way she treats her as an important member of the family and values her opinions. Jenni and Ferenc both are very thoughtful in their parenting. Another thing I love about them is their fun sense of humor. I never leave their home without laughing until we cry at least once. We are so excited about their adoption. "

"Hi, my name is Natalie. I am Jenni’s cousin/best friend. I just adore the Petho family, but it isn’t just me. So do my husband and 5 kids! We all look forward to every visit we get with them and my kids let me know when too much time has lapsed since we have seen them. When Gracie is here, you can always hear kids laughing and they always have huge smiles on their faces. My kids always fight over who gets to sit by Gracie first. Gracie is always so good about including my kids and making them feel so special. Ferenc taught my kids’ their most favorite magic tricks. When I was teaching one of my little boys to swim, he was really struggling. So Jenni stepped in and with her sweet temperament made him feel safe and secure in the water. When we are with the Petho family, we always look forward to their amazing food and Jenni’s special brownies. I could go on forever about how much we love all of them!"

"Ferenc and Jenni are the kindest and most loving couple that I know. Their love and compassion are ideals that inspire me every time I am with them. I am amazed by their dedication, patience, and commitment to their family and by how they choose to live every day. I have no reservations in recommending them to adopt a child in need."

"Jenni and Ferenc are amazing parents and will provide a new baby the same love and protection they do with my niece. Jenni is my older sister and has been one of the greatest supports in my life, she has always been there for me since I was young when she would baby sit me. She is one is the most amazing women in my life and she is the sweetest hardest working mother, she will create a beautiful life for anyone lucky enough to have her. Ferenc is a great Dad, he’s one of the most calm and understanding fathers I have been around. His passion for learning and creating is inspiring and I get to see my niece develop those same qualities spending time with him. Any child will be blessed beyond words being welcomed into their family. "

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