Kimberly & Grant

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)



Our favorite family traditions are centered around the holidays. We love to decorate the house and make it feel cozy for fall and Christmas. Kimberly loves to cook and bake so we also enjoy lots of good food during the holidays. Ian enjoys helping in the kitchen so it has been really fun to share this tradition with him. This year he really loved the Christmas trees and Christmas lights. We visit a lot of family around the holidays and also try to make time to have special friends over. We enjoy having friends from Grant’s work at the church over at our home. We hope to bless them with good food and presents and to feel God’s love at this special time of the year. A new tradition that we started this past year is working in the garden. Ian enjoys gardening and watering the plants. Last year we planted flowers, roses and a blueberry bush. This year we hope to add more vegetables to the garden. Gardening is a great way to spend time together outdoors.

Grant's Family

My family is one tight-knit group! As an only child, I received all my parent’s love and attention, and thus remain very close to them to this day. My parents have supported each and every one of my life decisions and endeavors; often making great sacrifices to do so. Throughout our marriage, they have loved, cherished, and spoiled Kimberly as well; for which I am most thankful. We meet up with them for dinner regularly, and occasionally take trips together. Pops and Gigi love being grandparents. They stop by and see Ian every chance that they get. They love to play with him and take him on outings like to the petting zoo or to see Christmas lights. They are so excited to welcome another little one into the family. We are very close to my extended family, and regularly get together for game nights and parties. My fondest family memories include: wrestling with my Dad on the living room floor, rooting on our local sports teams every Thanksgiving Day over a homemade feast, and spending summers at my grandparent’s house.

Kimberly's Family

My family is very close and we love spending time together. My mother is a retired Kindergarten teacher. She loves to read with children, make crafts and bake. My father is a retired pastor and he now enjoys being a rancher on his property. He enjoys working with tools and fishing. I am the oldest of two children. My brother Michael is a high school baseball coach and he has been married to his wife Blaine for 7 years and they are expecting their first child. We often get together at our parent’s ranch. It is a peaceful retreat and we love to make memories together - like riding in DanDan’s mule around the property. GranGran and DanDan, love Ian so much. They look forward to every one of his visits and always have fun activities planned. They are looking forward to adding more grandchildren to the family. I also have a very large extended family. We do not live close, but we cherish our times together. My fondest family memories include: watching the movie White Christmas every Christmas eve, marching in the Roundtop, TX 4th of July parade, and having Christmas cookie contests with my cousins.

Travel/Adventures/We Enjoy

We love to travel and to discover new places locally and overseas. We love learning about and experiencing other cultures. We have visited parts of Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Africa, Israel, and the Middle East. Our new favorite hobby is to take walking tours of large U.S. cities. We have already taken Ian to 13 states and he is only 3! We took a celebration trip after his adoption was final and toured the New England states. This past year we drove to Virginia and the Carolinas and showed Ian the Atlantic Ocean. Ian loves the beach (though not a fan of the sand or water! :) We love to take road trips, discover new places, and learn about the history of our country.

Our Pup

Our Sweet Gilly Boy has brought us so much joy over the past 10 years. We could have not asked for a more gentle, affectionate and obedient companion. Gilly loves blankets, a warm lap, and chasing squirrels. He is very protective of Ian, but also gentle and patient with him.

Ian Cole

We have one child, Ian. He is three years old. He is smart, curious, and very loving. He loves to play basketball, run fast, and he likes to sing. He loves to go outside and play in the backyard, and is at times quite fearless. We love to end each day as a family rocking together, singing “Jesus Loves Me” and then reading books before bed. He plays well with his friends at church and at daycare. He is tender-hearted and will be a great big brother when that day arrives!

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