"Heather and Clifford work hard at building a great life for their children and are always up for the next adventure. They have an amazing place out in the country with plenty of room for outdoor activities with the kids and get togethers. They have an amazing group of friends and family that are very close knit. They are the most genuine and caring people I know!"

Kristi B ENDORSED | Family- Oriented, Hard Working, Love The Outdoors, Easy Going, Positive And Happy

"I have known Heather her entire life, she is my sister :), and Cliff for the past 9 years or so. Heather and Cliff are people you can rely on and are always there to help when needed. They are honest, dedicated, hard working, and caring people who are, and will be, amazing parents! Any child coming into their home would feel loved and provided for. The child would also have some amazing siblings to learn from and have fun with. Heather and Cliff have a very strong relationship. They are very genuine and loving towards each other and always support each other. They ensure that their children feel loved and supported as well, whether that is by doing crafts, cooking, building things, attending extra-curricular activities, going on vacations, etc. I Highly recommend Heather and Cliff as adoptive parents! "

Lisa ENDORSED | Family- Oriented, Hard Working, Love The Outdoors

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