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Hoping to Adopt (Alabama)


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Madison Bennion


I think Hunter and Courtney would be wonderful adoptive parents for several reasons: 1) they would have no trouble taking the child in, loving the child as their own, and integrating the child into their family. 2) They are attentive and loving parents. Even though she is already a great mom, Courtney often asks for parenting advice from our family members. She considers motherhood a very special job and cares about improving herself and adapting her parenting style and choices to best fit her family. 3) Hunter and Courtney are well-rounded people with healthy life perspectives. For example, they are not the crazy parents who will yell at their kids for missing a goal in a 4yr old soccer game or demand extreme strictness when practicing the piano. They strive for excellence in a balanced, healthy, fun way. 4) Hunter and Courtney love God and seek to be Christ-like. This focus creates an environment of humility (trying to improve and apologizing when mistakes are made), kindness/patience, and calm (trust in God). Overall, Hunter and Courtney are wonderful people with wonderful hearts. Whatever child is adopted by them is eternally blessed.

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Laura Eyi


Of any of the qualities I think you could be looking for in an adoptive family I think loving and devoted are two of the most important. You will not find a more loving or devoted family than Hunter and Courtney’s they have a beautiful marriage of love and devotion to each other and are incredibly loving and devoted parents to their two beautiful twins Payson and Grace. You can feel the love and joy they have for each other whenever you are with them. They have been an inspiring example to our family.

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Katherine Lewis


Courtney and Hunter are loving and devoted parents who would love to welcome more children into their home. Any child would be blessed to join their family. They are sweet, patient, and are completely dedicated to their family.

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Hunter and Courtney are some of the best parents I know. They are head over heels for their kids and want more than anything to have more children come to their home. They are raising their twins incredibly well, giving them every opportunity to thrive and have a loving home. If circumstances made it so any of my children needed a home, I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to send them to Hunter and Courtney.

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Corwin Lewis

Son and daughter-in-law

Hunter and Courtney are superb parents. They have a home filled with love. They are people of great faith. Courtney is perhaps the most devoted mother I have ever observed. An adopted child would be extremely fortunate to become part of the family of Hunter and Courtney Lewis.

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Sister of Courtney

Courtney is a smart girl! She’s got very motherly qualities. By this, I mean that my younger sister and I have always been cared for, loved by, and taught from her in more ways than one. She’s always been a good example to me and many others

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Tyler Seymour


We, Tyler & Mackenzie Seymour, whole-heartedly recommend Hunter & Courtney Lewis as adoptive parents. Hunter & Courtney are *the clear choice for placing a child in an ideal home. Not only are they incredible parents, but they have a wonderful marriage based in kindness, communication, and Christian values. We have taken notes on their marriage and parenting styles and implement them to our own. We have known Courtney for almost a decade. Courtney has tremendous patience and calm in every aspect of her life which reflects in her home, marriage, parenting, and community service. She is wiser than most, with a clear vision of how to accomplish her (and her family’s) goals. She understands that tenacity, persistence, and consistency are how she will overcome any obstacle or difficulty. Even sleepless nights with twins have not slowed her down!      We have known Hunter since Courtney introduced us 6 years ago. He has a unique strength that is determined and balanced. With his children, Hunter is a wonderful father. This experience comes from his countless hours with his extended family. From an incredible work ethic to a deep Christian upbringing, Hunter has the character all men aspire for. The effect Hunter will have on his family will be felt for generations to come.             Hunter & Courtney’s home is the perfect setting for a child. The home is newly renovated, with an emphasis on safety, durability, and beauty. A large fenced yard, ample square footage, and several rooms will provide the structure a child needs for development and learning. Beyond that, their home is established in kindness, patience, and clear communication. A dedication to Christian living will be found at the foundation. They live the scripture that “we love [God] because He first loved us.” That love overflows and is felt by all who enter.             Hunter & Courtney both come from large families. It has been said that “it takes a village to raise a child.” The extended families have succeeded by love, hard work, and community. The children of Hunter & Courtney will experience an extended family and community that most only hope for. Additionally, Hunter & Courtney also serve in their local Christian church congregation. Time is spent dedicated to volunteering, charity work, and community outreach. There can be no question that Hunter & Courtney will continue to be great parents and exemplary members of the community.   If you have additional questions you are welcome to give us a call at 863-207-0142 or email at ( We hope you have a great day and Merry Christmas!

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