Our letter to you...

Jarad, Ashley & Addison
Dear Friends~

Thank you for looking at our profile and getting to know a little about us. We hope you'll enjoy learning about our likes, hobbies and life!

We also want you to know how much we respect and admire you for your courage and strength. We hope that you feel of our love and prayers as you go through your journey. Whether you decide to parent or place for adoption, we admire you for putting forth so much time and effort in making such an important decision.

Our relationship started on a dare and it was the best dare Jarad ever took! We met at the University of Utah in 2005 and were married in 2006. We love being married and our favorite thing to do really is anything we can do together. We enjoy watching our favorite shows, going for walks, spending time outdoors, trying new restaurants, and traveling together- just to name a few. Although we enjoy spending most of our time together, we each have hobbies we love to do individually as well.

Jarad recently graduated with his Masters in Nursing from Georgetown University and will be working as a Nurse Practitioner. Currently, he is working in the ICU as a registered nurse. Some of his hobbies include; golfing, photography, painting, gardening, yard work and loves spending time with Ashley, Addison and Kade.

Ashley loves being a stay-at-home mom and enjoys all the time she gets to spend with Addison and Kade. She loves time outdoors, reading, playing music, exercising and getting together with her friends and having play dates with the kids. Ashley also taught special/deaf education preschool for 8 years before Addison joined our family and is fluent in American Sign Language.

Addison is a very energetic six- year-old who was born in 2012 and joined our family through adoption. She currently loves anything unicorn or mermaid and keeps us busy with
everything from her inquisitive questions to swimming, gymnastics and all the fun of being a first-grader. Addison loves talking on the phone to her cousins, grandparents and her birth family. She loves making art projects, playing with friends and watching her favorite shows.

Kade is a happy-go-lucky 18-month-old who was born in 2017. He is our medical miracle and came to us after trying fertility treatments again for the 8th time. He loves music, Daniel Tiger, dancing, eating, being outside and playing with Addison. Kade also loves to call his Papa and Nana/Grandma’s on the phone.

Our families mean the world to us and we are lucky to have such close relationships with them. While a few live far away, it gives us the perfect excuse to do more traveling. All of our family is extremely supportive of us in our desire to adopt again and can't wait to meet and spoil a new addition to the family. We both grew up in loving and supportive families and are excited to be carrying that tradition on in our own family.

After we had been married a year, we felt we should start our family, but after three years of infertility, we came to a crossroads and chose the path of adoption. We both feel that adoption is an amazing process and touches many, many lives along the way. Adoption, from both perspectives, has touched our families: from our daughter and our sister-in-law, who are adopted, to our cousin who placed her beautiful daughter with a loving couple. We believe, and have experienced, that an open adoption is beneficial to all those involved, but we respect your feelings and comfort level regarding openness.

To learn more about us, look us up on Facebook at JaradandAshley_hopingtwoadopt or contact us directly at jaradandashley@gmail.com.
We are ecstatic to add to our eternal family through adoption!

Love~ Jarad, Ashley, Addison & Kade
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