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Jan 20, 2019


Nov 21, 2018


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To Someone Special,

Oct 28, 2018

We are Jason and Leslie. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us here.  We are deeply grateful to be considered as adoptive parents for your baby.  We promise that with us your child will always be safe and loved unconditionally. Your child will know how much you love them and your decision will be honored every day in our home.  We are interested in an open adoption and figuring out what that would be with you.  We believe it’s important that your child to knows where they came from, has the opportunity to cherish their heritage and be able to explore their identity with all the support and encouragement we can provide.  We promise that with us your baby will our total commitment to the best education and health care we can provide, and plenty of time and support for discovering all their special talents and interests.  We promise to nurture your child with all our love and care, and with all the love, care and commitment of our families.  Our sisters, brothers, parents, nieces and nephews are all waiting along with us to bring a new child in to our family.  We hope with these pictures and words we can provide you with an idea of what life would be like for your baby with us. 
We were introduced 14 years ago by friends.  On our first date we danced all night and carried that joy with us to the dance floor the night of our wedding.  We danced for hours at our wedding and finished the night eating chicken and waffles. We have been married now for six years. Very quickly, we were blessed with the birth of our son Silas.  Being parents has been the best experience of our lives together.  We hope very much that you can be a part of expanding our little family and bless us once again.  Our partnership is very solid, and we have the ultimate respect, trust and love for one another.  This is the foundation to our small family.
Why adoption?  We have always discussed the possibility of adoption, even before we were married.  We have many close adult friends that were adopted and more friends that have created their families through adoption.  We strongly believe in the beauty of adoption and we feel very prepared to support your baby in all that adoption means and requires.  Your baby will be welcomed into our home as a cherished member of our family with us to adore and care for them, and a big brother waiting to love and snuggle and teach all he knows about finger painting, building blocks, decorating the Christmas tree, skate-boarding, and more!
Our favorite days are filled with visits with friends and family (Jason’s parents, Leslie’s mom and one of her sisters and her family live in town), being active outdoors (going to the nearby play park, playing tennis, watching Silas’s soccer games), cooking meals (green enchiladas and Jason’s BBQ steak are favs), weekends in the country (swimming, biking, hiking Upstate), watching movies (we are going through all the Harry Potter movies right now), exploring our city (museums, ferry rides, hunting for the best pizza), reading books (Silas loves Captain Underpants?!),  relaxing at home playing games (Sorry and Uno are always happening), doing puzzles (we have yet to attempt the 1000 piece All White one), and just hanging out together. Jason is always making Leslie laugh at his terrible jokes and Leslie is always figuring out how to decorate the house for the next holiday. Silas is always making both us crack up.  All three of us are waiting patiently to find our match with you.

Jason's Thoughts on Leslie

Oct 21, 2018

From the minute I met my wife I knew she was a beautiful challenging woman and I admire her every
day. Leslie is a compassionate partner and mother. She is an intellectually curious learner that spends her days voraciously taking in culture and information. She is the most incredible mother to our son and partner to me. Her first priority every day is to support and love her family. Everything my wife does is in pursuit of building a loving family and a partnership. What I love most about Leslie is how vigorously she goes after what she wants. If she wants to become informed about a particular subject I will come home to a pile of books and documentaries. She's very good about setting her mind on a task or goal and doing everything she can to achieve it. This is important to me because she sets an example for our family and children to pursue their interests with excitement and passion.

Leslie's Thoughts on Jason

Oct 21, 2018

Jason is a lovely and generous man. He is an accomplished artist, loyal friend, dutiful son, reliable brother, and the best husband I could ever hope for. He is creative, fun, funny, and always full of ideas about where to go, what to eat, and which sneakers to be wearing.  Jason is a terrific dad.  He loves our son more than anything in this world and will feel the same for the baby we are blessed to bring home.  He is so loving, caring, open and involved with the care of Silas. I am lucky to see how incredible he is with Silas to have a view in to how he would carry these wonderful qualities to our next child.  Everything he does in his life is for us. We are his top priority. Whether it is taking Silas to school almost every day or rushing to the doctor if Silas has a fever, he is attentive and caring.  He is really fun and loves to play and do special things with Silas.  He will do the same for another child.  Jason has become an expert in many things and dedicates himself wholeheartedly to his hobbies including golf, snowboarding, cooking, and sneaker collecting. He loves music and collects records. We spend many mornings making coffee and listening to records and dancing around the living room together. When cooking meals he loves to spend hours shopping to find each perfect ingredient for the elaborate meals he cooks for us. He is an avid bbq'er. He can spend hours preparing and smoking meat. He doesn't love green things as much as meat and cheese (but my love for all things raw and green more than makes up for it!). Jason is an attentive, responsible, and sensitive partner. He races in to action whenever any one is sick, going to the pharmacy, calling the doctor, bringing us anything we need, and making sure we are well taken care of. In fact the moment I knew I wanted to marry him was when he took care of me after I broke my wrist in a bicycle accident. His love and his care for me was overwhelming and I could see that he would be the person I would always be able to count on and he has proved me right every day since.

Our Thoughts on Parenting

Oct 21, 2018

We will raise our family to be respectful and compassionate towards all people and with a deep sense of gratitude for all the blessings we have been given in this life.  Some of ur most cherished values are honesty, friendship, forgiveness, patience, resilience and hope.  Education, hard work and dedication to our chosen fields are a core foundation in our lives.  We will compassionately nurture our family throughout their schooling by supporting their unique learning styles at each stage to help develop a structure and foundation of passion for life-long learning.  Of course life brings challenges and is always unpredictable. There are unexpected or unwelcome experiences around each corner for every person no matter how privileged they are, we know that well.  We want our children to know themselves wholly, and to have the coping skills and wherewithal to weather the difficult moments as they will surely come.  We will parent be example of how to accept, process, and ultimately use any adversities to grow, learn and be a stronger person for it.  We believe in each child’s uniqueness and individuality, and as parents we want to support that personal exploration throughout their lives.  Our children will know they are valued and loved unconditionally no matter what.  They will know that their uniqueness is is always accepted, appreciated and celebrated. We promise to ourselves and to you and our children that we will be there to create joy in their lives, and help them to create joy for themselves as a source of strength, confidence and happiness.  As our parents have done for us, we will be an endless source for support and guidance throughout their lives.  We want our children to be active, responsible participants and citizens in their communities and we will lead by example through our own activities and actions.   We understand the world is a complicated place and that we have grown up very privileged.  We will help our children navigate this complex world through their opportunities and more importantly by understanding other’s adversities. 



About Leslie and Jason

Oct 21, 2018

Love, Leslie:
Understanding, kindness, joy, loyalty, honesty and respect are a few of things that make me a good partner and mom.   I am one of five sisters and one young brother.  We are a very large, very close family.  We have 5 nieces and nephews so far and counting.  All of my sisters and Jason's brother are like surrogate parents to our son and we are the same for their kids.  Our parents are cherished grandparents who are very involved in all the big and small events in our children's lives.  I love to spend time at museums, galleries, and taking our son Silas along with me.  He is already a young art lover and we would love to be able to do the same for our future child.  We spend a lot of time outdoors, skiing, hiking, swimming, playing tennis, all kinds of sports.  We love to go to hear live music.  We love to be with friends, hanging out, cooking elaborate meals, and exploring our city.  We spend a lot of time together doing puzzles.  That is one of our favorite indoor family activities.  We are up to difficult level 1000 piece puzzles!  We are planning to try the all white puzzle next.  Jason spends a lot of time with Silas going to sporting events and watching him play soccer and taekwondo (two of his favorite activities—he also loves to play chess). We have all the time and energy to do the same with another child, find their unqiue passions and interests and nurture those with sensitivity and encouragement.   We are so ready and eager to add to our family.  I volunteer around the city at various organization to help our community.  Most important to me are causes that support the arts, that support women's health and equality, and anything to do with children.  One of the most recent organizations I am involved in helps at risk teenagers who have been arrested to have the opportunity to erase their arrest records by participating in an art program. 
Love, Jason:

I believe in trust, loyalty and taking care of my wife and family.  My wife Leslie and and our son Silas are my top priorities.  I am ready to add another child to our family.  I am an artist and most days you will find me in my studio working on new work for upcoming exhibitions.  When I am not in my studio or with my family you will find me researching my passion for collecting and selling sneakers.  I love spending time going to see hockey games with Silas and hanging with other dads and their kids from Silas's school.  I love to cook, and especially to BBQ. When I was in college me and my friends built our own smoker.  I love to BBQ and smoke just about anything I can get my hands on.  I love to ski and snowboard.  I have been able to teach our son Silas when he turned 3.  He has started skate-boarding recently which was another passion of mine as a kid.  If we are lucky enough to have a girl I am looking forward to all the pretty dresses and learning to braid her hair and do tea parties as well.  I am so looking forward to you getting to know us more and I hope that the pictures here can help tell the story of who we are and what life is like in our home.