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"I have known Leslie and Jason for over 15 years. We started our friendship as colleagues in the art business and over the many years we have known each other have developed a very close and beautiful relationship. IN a city as anonymous an as large as New York, I consider them like family. I watched Leslie's and Jason's love move from a fun courtship to an incredible marriage. They had many years to get to know one another before marrying and while at times they faced challenges of long distances or the stresses of changing jobs, their deep commitment , love and friendship was unwavering. I had no doubt back then that they wouldn't reach this beautiful place now as a couple given what I witnessed over the years. They are best friends and have a deep respect and understanding of one another. It is a strong bond and I know they could never imagine a world without the other. They have built a wonderful circle of friends and family who really are the epicenter of their lives. The constant presence of their parents, sisters and brothers in their everyday lives in extremely special and rare. Their son Silas enjoys a warm, attentive, and constant family atmosphere and Jason and Leslie's priorities of making family first create a supportive and intimate environment for their son. Their circle of friends is small and we enjoy very much raising our children together. Our weekends and holidays are when our children get to play together and we have made so many memories already in these short years. I know they picked Brooklyn as their home because of the village like atmosphere which can really feel like a small town in so many ways. Their love for Brooklyn is so obvious when you speak to them and I know as homeowners now they will continue to try to make their neighborhood a sage beautiful place for young families like them to live and raise children. I also know that Leslie and Jason's commitment to living in a diverse and multicultural setting demonstrates how prepared they are physically and emotionally to parent a child of another race. First, they are just incredibly devoted parents. Silas has everything a child could as for; he has their constant attention and they are committed to giving him the most well-rounded and down-to-earth upbringing. Given how actively involved they are politically, their children will have a keen awareness of what is happening in the world around them, I am confident that Jason and Leslie have that kind of natural openness that will any child to thrive and flourish in their home -- regardless of race or cultural background. The life that Jason and Leslie have will allow for the time that is needed to move through this delicate process. There is no shortage of joy in their lives as it is now, but this second child is something they both want so very much to complete their family. I feel strongly that the stability of their everyday life will buoy them if rough waters arise. They, I am sure, will wait patiently for the child who is meant for them to find his or her way into our their lives . As a sister to someone who adopted two children from Asia, I have a unique perspective. I know the challenges at hand and the sensitivities that are intrinsic to raising an adopted child and I am without an doubt that Jason and Leslie have the kind of boundless love and unwavering patience that an adopted child would need. I know as soon as the child in their arms that that will be all that is needed to affirm the child's place in their family. Sincerely, Kristine"

Kristine ENDORSED | Warm, Generous, Honest, Fun, Family Oriented

"To Whom It May Concern, Fresh out of college, interviewing for a job, I sat in the office of The Managing Director and caught a glimpse of a photo on the wall—it was his toddler son sitting on the neck of President Bill Clinton. It was an easy way to start the small talk. But it was his answer that grabbed my attention and drilled a permanent hole in my soul—"I am self made and I agonize over the privilege life my children lead, and lose sleep wondering how they will treat others. Above all else, I wish for them, compassion." Jason is a friend of almost 10 years and I love him as a brother. He, a Jewish fella of "privilege," and I, a Jamaican fella from humble circumstances. We met through a mutual golf buddy and have never shared a crossed word. There is a "realness" about him that is ever so easy to see and feel. It's the compassion in his ways that bonds us. Quite easy for me to love him for the way he has been a friend to me throughout the years. But, it's not for that I admire him most, it's the way he treats the friends I have brought into our circle; always considerate and thoughtful. I have watched him make others comfortable in his presence. I have observed him quick to defend his friends (even in the most difficult of circumstances). I have seen him have complete disregard for himself (amidst sure repercussions) when defending his friends against horrible instances. I have witness him always standing up for what's right. These are a few of the many reasons I admire and love him. I don't remember the first time Jason introduced me to his girlfriend, Leslie [now wife of 5 years], but I can remember the warmth of her smile. Same smile that greets me whenever I see her. She is special—a mixture of warmth, thoughtfulness, caring and strength. Together they make a wonderful team. Individuals posses similar qualities. Husbands and wives have beautiful relationships. But when you meet Silas [Jason and Leslie's beautiful baby boy] you see a crossroads of Jason and Leslie. You see a child that is loved so much, it pours out of his little smile. You see a beautiful child who is already showing all the wonderful qualities of his parents. If I can take you back to my job interview and the photo of the little boy on The President's neck, with his father wondering if his son will be compassionate, Jason and/or Silas could easily be that little fella. Both of privilege. Both wonderful in their own right. Both, amazingly compassionate. Parenting isn't an easy task, but it's so evident Jason and Leslie have a beautiful handle on it. Sincerely, Rohan "

Ronan ENDORSED | Warm, Generous, Honest, Fun, Family Oriented

"To Whom It May Concern: I feel honored to have been asked to write a letter on behalf of Leslie and Jason. Leslie and I met when we became colleagues at an art gallery in New York City in 2000. She arrived with an infectiously positive attitude and generosity of spirit that is rare to find. We worked side by side, became the best of friends, traveled the world and became immersed in each other’s lives and journey. Over the past seventeen years we have grown up together and supported each other through life’s challenges, we have been there for each other in difficult moments and celebrated each other’s achievements and successes. It is difficult for me not to overstate what a critical friend she has been to me for over the past two decades. Leslie has a rare and tremendous capacity for love and patience, never judgmental or rash in any decision she makes. In 2005, she met and fell in love with Jason. I watched them navigate a long distance relationship then eventually reconcile a new life together that culminated in marriage in 2012. There was never any doubt that they were meant to be together. Their love and support of each other never wavered. Jason easily integrated into Leslie’s immediate and “friend” families forging strong relationships with all those important to her. In 2013 their son Silas was born. In the years that followed – the years that I personally found extremely challenging as a mother – I watched with amazement the ease in which they took each day. Silas, even as a baby, was a very independent kid who wanted to do everything for himself. Leslie and Jason nurtured that independence with patience and humor, never getting stressed about the delays and messes that caused. Knowing deep down that he was this incredible child that was forging his path and establishing his personality from early on. In the last few years they wanted to expand their family and had trouble doing so naturally. Through all the fertility treatments and disappointments, both small and large, I was struck by their strength, perseverance and love for each other. At a point where most people would probably just give up and say we have a wonderful life with a great kid and perhaps leave it there – they stayed with their decision to expand their in whichever way they could. I have no doubt of their commitment and ability to deal with any of the challenges that may present themselves. Any child would so fortunate to be part of their immediate and extended family – between loving parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends – there is no lack of loving support. Needless to say, they approach their participation to the arts, culture, environment and social issues dear to them with the same fervor. From taking the lead in fund raising for Washington Market School to contributing to and participating in the various cultural and social organizations they support. They are both fully committed to all aspects of providing an engaged, healthy, sustainable and intellectually stimulating life for their children. I stand firmly in my support of them adopting a child and know without a doubt – that child will have an extraordinary family and life. If I could provide any further information please do not hesitate to contact me. Manuela "

Manuela ENDORSED | Warm, Generous, Honest, Fun, Family Oriented

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