A fun and inspirational Notre Dame reunion weekend

Jun 06, 2017

This past weekend was a beautiful weekend together at Michelle's alma mater, Notre Dame. We had a wonderful time catching up with old friends, walking around the beautiful campus together, sitting by the lake, lighting candles at the grotto, renewing our wedding vows at the Basilica (the beautiful church on campus), attending shows, and learning about all the excitement going on with the current students on campus.

We enjoyed touring the new science building and exploring the incredible visualization theatre where you can see distant stars and galaxies, as well as learning about the exciting new cancer research going on. It was also fun to gather with friends for mass and meals together throughout the weekend. We look forward to someday sharing with a child the excitement of discovery, while providing him or her with the security of a strong religious foundation.

The reunion weekend was a wonderful time for us to reflect on the happy memories and lessons from our college years and how they shape the ongoing stories of our lives. One of the most touching moments of the weekend was listening to Cindy Parseghian (the daughter-in-law of head football coach Ara Parseghian) share her experience of caring for her four children, three of whom died of a rare genetic disorder. She gave a touching and inspirational speech about the depths of her love, and the crosses we all bear in our lives and how we are meant to help others. It made us realize just how deeply we long to become parents and share our unconditional love with children.

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