Why We Want To Adopt

Jan 10, 2020

Our most favorite thing in the world and what makes us happiest is our family. So, our sincerest and most genuine of wishes is to grow our family and share our love, joy, and blessings. We struggled with infertility, but we knew that would not be the end of our narrative. Adoption was not a new thing to us. Several of Adam's cousins adopted and from our conversations with them, we felt a new sense of hope, a new path, and a new journey ahead of us. Through adoption, we could grow our family by welcoming a child, loving a child, and by supporting a child. We only wish for the opportunity to do so by pursuing adoption.

Our Home

Jan 07, 2020

Our home is our sanctuary, it's safe, it's comfortable, and there is love flowing through. We have pictures of our family, our travels, and homemade artwork on the walls. We have a cozy living room with a fireplace, where we spend a lot of our time together, but we also spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking together. We have five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a basement that has been turned into a full pillow fort area. We live in a wonderful neighborhood with great neighbors and lots of kids around. We also have a neighborhood pool and a fishing lake. We also live within walking distance to an elementary, middle and high school. Our favorite place in our home is the back porch/yard where we love to play, read books, look for bugs, play in the sprinkler, water our plants or to just hang out. At night, it's lite up with twinkle lights and we enjoy sitting out there together. Our town is a wonderful place to raise kids, as Jen knows first-hand since she was raised here.

Meet Jack

Jan 07, 2020

We have a three-year-old named Jack. He loves trains, trucks, cars and basically anything with wheels. We have train tracks and "Jack-made" roads (from cardboard, paper, magazines, anything flat) all over the house! Jack loves to weed, pretend to mow the lawn, and use his leaf blower. He also loves shoveling the snow and he always says he's doing "big work". Jack is a big helper at home, baking and cooking dinner with Mom and sweeping and shoveling with Dad. Jack loves to talk and he loves playing with other kids! Jack is also crazy about his extended family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins), loving any opportunity he gets to play with his cousins. Jack loves to go to our nearby parks, he enjoys playing in the creek, ziplines, and our forest area! We ride our bikes there, or take his wagon, or we just walk but being outside always brings him so much happiness!

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