Date Night for Valentine's Day

Feb 15, 2021

Jorge took me to dinner for Valentine's Day. It was a delicious meal for 2 and lovely evening. He's always thinking of me in every which way.

Fun Photo

Feb 08, 2021

I love this fun-filled photo in this beautiful shop. This picture was taken in Venice, Italy - February 2020.

We are Home Study Approved!

Jan 31, 2021

This was a day filled with a lot of joy. We officially became home study approved!

Working On Projects Together

Jan 20, 2021

Jorge is the best dad!  He loves working on projects with Manny.  We have a home workshop with all sort of tools, gadgets and materials.  It's a fun space to be creative. 

Birthday Fun

Jan 15, 2021

We love going all out to celebrate birthdays! This is when Manny turned 16!

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