Golf Lessons!

Oct 05, 2020

Whatever interests your child has, we will make sure we help him or her pursue them!!! 

For our son, right now - he likes golf and so he is loving golf lessons!

Cousins & Grandmother!!!

Oct 05, 2020

We LOVE having all of our family so close by!!!

Birthday party for this big boy!

May 17, 2020

Smiles and cake.

Summers with cousins has begun!!

May 17, 2020

Summer days in the pool never disappoint.

A little bit about Jenny in 2020

Feb 10, 2020

Hi! I am a girl of many outfits!!!   This week I was either in a business suit for my part-time career on the days my son is in school, in work out clothes going on a run, in pajamas like last night for family movie night, or in casual clothes playing with my son Shepherd at the park, games, chase, or building a new obstacle course!!!!

Sundays around here....!!

Feb 10, 2020

Sundays around here....!!  Relaxing, family, good food, being outside, thanking God.

Love, Love.

Jan 24, 2020

Can't wait to love another baby as much as we do this guy!  The smiling and laughter is contagious!

A little late holiday from, our family to YOU!!!

Jan 24, 2020

Better late than never!

The Gift Of Cancer

Apr 15, 2019

Jenny was diagnosed with cancer several years ago. She is fully recovered and healthier than ever - her life goal is to live to 100 years old! She received the most extensive treatments to ensure a long healthy life. She is a cancer survivor and there is no more cancer in her body! Cancer is part of our past now, but the lessons and joys will remain forever.

Perseverance, people, and love brought us through it.

This is the kind of family your child will be a part of. This is how we deal with pain or loss. We experience sadness, but we never let hardship win. If we fall, we get back up again. We love. We are fighters. We hold on to faith. And we come out stronger - every time.

We are amazed that there were so many gifts of cancer. This journey actually gave our family more love, confidence, and peace. This part of our journey led us to live life to the fullest every day!! This past pain has a purpose - Jenny now shares her story to help provide a light to others, and actively loves and serves many people battling cancer.

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