In the beginning there were 2

Adoption is so close to our hearts!
A small college town, a country boy and a city girl. Sounds like the beginnings of a song doesn't it? But that's how it all started for us. 13 years later it has just gotten better.

Everyone has a family tree, but ours is an orchard!

Thanks for taking a minute to learn more about us!

We were both raised in Utah and though we still miss the mountains, we love Illinois. It has truly become home. Our neighborhood is a small collection of houses surrounded by trees and farms. We live on 3 acres of pine tree forest on the edge of a small town. We are still close to shopping and a train ride away from the big city. We get the best of all worlds. We have parks, a splash pad, several nature preserves, u-pick farms and some of the best rated schools in the county. All of this within arms reach of our 3 acres of paradise. We love to watch the wild turkeys and deer wander around our neighborhood.

We work hard to create a life we love. We each have our own individual interests and also enjoy several together. We enjoy reading aloud to each other, traveling and exploring nature. We also relish in cultural activities such as attending plays and the opera. Our evenings are filled with family dinner, toddler giggles and enjoying down time before bed. We always strive to make our home a warm, inviting, happy place full of love and laughter while being centered in Christ.

And now a quick bit from Annie!
I was raised in Utah the youngest of three. I have a wonderful sister and an amazing brother. I enjoy close relationships with them and my mom is one of my best friends. My parents divorced when I was 4, but I was able to see my dad regularly until he moved out of state when I was 12. Though they both remarried I understand how hard divorce can be.

I was very active and warm days found me playing in the sandbox, swimming, sleeping in the back yard and playing with my brother. In the winter we built snowmen, snow forts and went sledding down our hill. When it was rainy I could be found reading, playing Barbies or pretending to cook. I've grown up and put my Barbie's away, but I still love being outside and going on adventures.

I am lucky to have Jeremy. He is an amazing husband and father. He is kind, patient, humble, smart, silly and truly tries to exemplify Jesus Christ in his everyday life. One of the best decisions I have ever made was marrying him.

I am very blessed to be able to stay at home with our daughter. This was always a dream of mine growing up and still is to this day. I love that I get to watch her grow every day and spend our days together. She helps remind me to slow down and enjoy the little things. Every day is something new and something exciting. The greatest privilege I have had is being her mom.

Now a bit on Jeremy-
Hi. I’m Jeremy. I grew up the oldest of five kids in a small country town. We didn’t have much money, but we were happy. My family members are my closest friends. My brother and I were a year apart in school and we had a large group of friends. My parents made our house comfortable and welcoming for everyone, so our house was often a community gathering place. It was a wonderful way to grow up.

I could wish for nothing more than to be like my parents. They are kind and loving. They supported us in anything we wanted to do, and expected us to do our very best, whatever that was. It wasn’t that important to win a competition or to get an A in a class, as long as we did our best. I want my kids to know they are loved. I want them to pursue their passions; to find what they’re good at and what they love. I want to guide them and support them through their challenges. I want to show them the diversity this world has to offer; of the beauty of nature, and science and art; of theater and opera; of ball games and books.

My greatest joys are at home and our family is our first priority. I have a good job and work hard so that Annie can be at home with our daughter and our other kids when they come into our life. Annie is a great mom and works hard at making our home a joyful one. Evenings and weekends are "family time" when we enjoy cooking, eating, working and playing together. Saturdays often find us at a park, or apple orchard, or museum. Sundays we go to church, maybe take an afternoon nap and enjoy a good movie in the evening.
Kiss kiss!

Kiss kiss!

Then there were 3...

Our journey to adoption was a long time coming. We always wanted kids. We dreamed about family outings, stories at bedtime, the sticky hands and wet kisses.

You are more than we ever expected and better than we ever imagined

When parenthood didn't come as quickly as we thought it would we started down the long road of infertility treatments. Through the years we continued to wait for our miracle and exhausted all of those infertility treatments. The road of infertility was extremely hard, but through it all we held tight to the Lord and to each other. We came out stronger. Adoption had come to our hearts several times through the years, but the Lord led us down a different path. So when he whispered it was time to start the adoption process, we moved forward with excitement. Adoption is very close to our hearts as we have several family members and friends who have been blessed in this way.

In 2016 our sweet daughter came into our lives. She is the center of our family and is more than we ever could have dreamed. She is sweet, silly, fun, adventurous, kind and helpful. She really is a joy to be around. She especially loves to dance and sing. She is always asking for music to dance to and she loves singing along. She loves to help with everything. She loves everyone and says "Hi!" to everyone she sees. We are so grateful to be her parents. She is ready and excited to become a big sister. She already has a list of things she wants to teach her younger sibling. That list includes how to jump, run and blow bubbles. She knows where the pacifiers and burp clothes are kept and likes to make sure the baby toys are well tested. She likes to tell anyone who will listen that she is going to be a big sister!
We have a wonderful open adoption with her birth mother and sister and we couldn't love them more! Her birth mother is one of the most loving and thoughtful people we know. We are grateful for the person that she is. We are so blessed to call them family. We work hard on our relationship with them. We see them several times a year in person and fill in the gaps with Google Hangouts and texting. It is important to us that we have a healthy relationship with all birth mothers and birth families that join our family. We do our best to have open and honest communication based on love and understanding.
Enjoying the late snow!

Enjoying the late snow!

What we are all about

Our family is everything to us. We try to make our home and our lives a refection of that. From the garden out back, to the swing set by the back door, everything focuses on our family.

"I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you."-The Alchemist

We have tried to make our home warm, loving and fun. We don't take parenthood lightly and we try to be very intentional in what we do. Our home is a place where we learn and grow together. There is room for mistakes. There is room for getting messy. There is room to explore and grow. We love hard and deep. We support each other and we work together. We are human and as such we aren't perfect, but we can promise that your child will be cheered for, cared for and loved unconditionally.
Up! Up! and away!

Up! Up! and away!

Looking for number 4

We are excited to become a family of 4. We love being parents and know our family isn't complete yet. We have a very happy home full of love, laughter and adventure.

"Courage, dear heart."- C.S. Lewis

We love being together and exploring new things. Another child in our home would just add to our joy. We know that life isn’t always perfect and is seldom all sunshine and rainbows. We all have trials and sometimes it feels as though the sun will never shine again. Through it all good or bad Jesus Christ is our center and whatever comes our way we are never alone. Dear expectant mamma we pray for you every day. Though we can't begin to understand how you might feel right now, know that we are cheering for you. You are brave and full of love. We already love you and can't wait to talk to you. We would love to hear from you so we can share in this journey together. Click our Contact button and let's chat!

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