It's a new year!

Jan 12, 2018

Time flies when you are having fun! With a new year just starting I, like many others, started reflecting on the events of 2017. It was a wonderful year full of fun, changes and some challenges. Hey that's life right? But I as reflected on the past year I started making plans for the up coming year. We recently moved into a different house and I haven't had much time to get things set up the way that I want. So I decided to start with Sabrina's room. She isn't a baby anymore. She is full of spunk and independence. She wants to do things on her own. It was time to start the transition of her baby room into a big girl room. So the paint swatches were hung on the wall and I poured over Pinterest for fun ideas. After I decided what colors I wanted a plunged right in! Unfortunately there were a lot of repairs to be made first. There were holes from the previous owners hanging stuff, a huge hole where the bracket for the closet had ripped out and several small cracks in the seams of the drywall. Did I also mention the chipped and pealing paint in one corner? Like I said. A lot of repairs. A dusty, dirty, exhausting week later the repairs were all done. Then the fun began. I got the accent wall done first then a few days later I did the main color. A fun spunky mint green just like this little girl who keeps us on our toes. Then I added the stencil on the accent wall. That took longer than I thought. Almost 4 hours in total by the time I was done. But it looks awesome and I love it. Her room isn't ready yet. I am letting the paint sit before I put anything on the walls. No one wants picture frames that stick to the wall when you try to move them. So here I patiently wait for the paint to dry...