She blinded me with science

Mar 27, 2019

I'm a prepper. I know myself well enough to know that it's easier for me to relax when I am prepared. So every summer I have a summer box in the car. It has sunscreen, towels and maybe a few park toys. That way of we get hit with a wild hair to go on an adventure we have the basics! Winter is the same.  Here in Illinois our winters have a tendency to be long and cold. So before we are confined to the house I take preparations. This winter S is old enough to do some pretty fun things. So we started doing "science" this winter. We made playdough, we played with shaving cream and of course we made slime! The first time we made it we made just a basic slime. The second time we did a fluffy slime. It was fluffy slime for the win! The basic slime separated after you stopped playing with it and the fluffy slime has been going strong for 2 weeks! And it was a lot more fun. Jeremy was working from home the day we made it and so he was even able to get in on the fun! And what made it even better was I could just whip everything out. No need for a store run!