Every day living

Mar 27, 2019

Routines, schedules, calendars. We all live with 'em or by them. I like to think we are somewhere in the middle. We have our schedule and our routine, but we have room for adventure. Yesterday our wonderful neighbors came over to see our new baby chickens. It was on the fly and we had a wonderful visit. When they were starting to walk home S said," mom do you want to go on an adventure?" In my mind I ran through all the reasons why we couldn't walk them home (I hadn't even started thinking about what to cook for dinner, I had been in the middle of taking down Christmas lights outside when they came, it was cold, ect) and in about 1 second I realized those were all dumb. So I threw the excuses out the window and said, "you bet I do!" So adventuring we went. We had just walked our neighbor's home a whole 20 feet when Jeremy pulled in the driveway from work. We waved and kept walking. We ended up only walking them about halfway home before Sabrina was done. That was totally fine. We headed home happy. There are days when we live by the calendar. That's just life. It's sometimes hectic and messy. But sometimes when adventure calls you have you answer. Even if it's just an adventure down the street.

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