Warm moments

Sep 25, 2019

Tonight I did the dishes. No, that's not the warm moment, but could be considered a miracle in itself. But as I did the chore I hate the most, I starred out the window. What I saw made me small and made my heart a little lighter. Jeremy was running across our yard with our daughter close behind. Then behind her were 4 chickens running along and joining in the fun. Though there was glee from the three year old when the swing set was reached the chickens just stopped and looked around. Obviously disappointed that the running was not because there were treats to be had. I chuckled. Then I watched as Jeremy pushed our daughter on the swing. She laughed, he smiled. Do you want to know something? He's a really good dad. Like, the ones that you hear about, but don't always get to see. The ones who take time off of work to attend every activity. The ones who are at the dance classes and tumbling classes. The ones who listen, have tea parties, wear silly hats and talk in goofy voices. The ones who put the babies to bed and are happy to help with bedtime routines. The ones who give and give. And as I was scrubbing plates and mixing bowls I was reminded how in the every day there are little moments that make life. This was one of them. And I am lucky.

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