Every day living

Mar 27, 2019

Routines, schedules, calendars. We all live with 'em or by them. I like to think we are somewhere in the middle. We have our schedule and our routine, but we have room for adventure. Yesterday our wonderful neighbors came over to see our new baby chickens. It was on the fly and we had a wonderful visit. When they were starting to walk home S said," mom do you want to go on an adventure?" In my mind I ran through all the reasons why we couldn't walk them home (I hadn't even started thinking about what to cook for dinner, I had been in the middle of taking down Christmas lights outside when they came, it was cold, ect) and in about 1 second I realized those were all dumb. So I threw the excuses out the window and said, "you bet I do!" So adventuring we went. We had just walked our neighbor's home a whole 20 feet when Jeremy pulled in the driveway from work. We waved and kept walking. We ended up only walking them about halfway home before Sabrina was done. That was totally fine. We headed home happy. There are days when we live by the calendar. That's just life. It's sometimes hectic and messy. But sometimes when adventure calls you have you answer. Even if it's just an adventure down the street.

She blinded me with science

Mar 27, 2019

I'm a prepper. I know myself well enough to know that it's easier for me to relax when I am prepared. So every summer I have a summer box in the car. It has sunscreen, towels and maybe a few park toys. That way of we get hit with a wild hair to go on an adventure we have the basics! Winter is the same.  Here in Illinois our winters have a tendency to be long and cold. So before we are confined to the house I take preparations. This winter S is old enough to do some pretty fun things. So we started doing "science" this winter. We made playdough, we played with shaving cream and of course we made slime! The first time we made it we made just a basic slime. The second time we did a fluffy slime. It was fluffy slime for the win! The basic slime separated after you stopped playing with it and the fluffy slime has been going strong for 2 weeks! And it was a lot more fun. Jeremy was working from home the day we made it and so he was even able to get in on the fun! And what made it even better was I could just whip everything out. No need for a store run!

Here gator gator gator!!!

Mar 27, 2019

Who doesn't love vacation to somewhere warm in the winter? We are huge fans! In our area we have experienced record breaking temperatures recently. Can anyone say -55 wind chill? What!? So we were pretty happy to pack up and head to where the sun was still shinning hot. Hello Florida! Jeremy's parents came with us and we had a blast! We stayed in Tampa and it was place we had never visited before so everything was new. We packed the whole trip with the zoo, aquarium, manatee sightings, sting Ray petting, a bit of history and of course the beach!! But you know you can't go to Florida without looking for Gators! So we marked that off the first day out. We headed to a local state park and found 2 of them. They were just little. Maybe 2 and 3 feet long, but it was fun to try and find them sticking out of the water. S is a little obsessed with gators (that's my fault- we look for Gators when we brush her teeth) so when we saw these lovilies laying around there was much excitement. All in all it was the perfect getaway for our family. I'm so glad we were able to do it. Florida, we'll be back. But only in winter. Lol

It's Christmas time again

Mar 27, 2019

For the past several years we have tried to make it to our town's annual lighting of the square. Though try as we might it never worked out. This year it finally did. We live in a small town that has an actual town square in the middle of it. Every year for Christmas they decorate all the trees and pavilions, but leave all the lights off. Then on the evening after Thanksgiving they hold a celebration and light the whole square. It was so much fun and we are definitely going to make it a yearly tradition. 


Are these eatible?

Mar 27, 2019

Who doesn't love an ugly Sweater? A good friend of mine gave us a "make your own ugly sweater" cookie kit. It was fabulous and we couldn't wait to open it. Sadly Jeremy ended up missing the fun, but S and I had at it. There was frosting and sprinkles everywhere. It was well worth it. It was so much fun I'm thinking of doing it next year too. My friend said she got it at trader how's if you want to be classy like us. Ha ha!!

Open adoption makes my heart sing

Mar 27, 2019

This past weekend we were able to meet up with our daughter's birth family. They are about an hour away from us so we get to meet up several times a year. It was fantastic. I always find myself a little nervous though. The anticipation of seeing them and wondering how S is going to react can be a little nerve wracking. She is getting old enough that she recognizes them a little, but still needs that reassurance that I am right there. I didn't need to worry though and I know that, I just do anyway. That is one of the truths about adoption. I will always worry. I worry that I send enough photos, that I am sharing enough, that our daughter's birth mom knows how much we love her, that she feels that love and respect we have for her. Want to know the funny thing? She worries too. Before every visit she is nervous too. And as soon as we see each other it's like a breath of fresh air. I know her heart. She knows mine. We fall right back into our circle of motherhood. We both love that little girl something fierce. And we both love and respect each other for the motherhood roles we each play in our daughter's life. We laugh together, we joke together and I can't hug her enough. The moment I see her face my heart sings. It sings with all the love I have for her and all the love I can plainly see in her face for S. Adoption is love. It is hard. It is sometimes a little messy. Everyone is nervous. It is also inspiring, heart warming and amazing. This Mother's Day I reflected on how many miracles come together for each adoption. My heart is full, and it's all because of adoption. 

The songs of summer

Mar 27, 2019

Living in the Midwest means noisy summers. Especially at night. In Utah ,where Jeremy and I both grew up, most of the sounds were crickets. At our house now it is frogs. Like a lot of frogs. Like frogs so loud you can hear them with the windows shut. We have a small area of water out by the road that never really drains and there are frogs and 2 ducks living there. Then a new sound started. It was a weird whirling noise I had never heard before. I wasn't sure if it was a bug or frog. After some research we discovered it was an American toad. It sounded like he was living in our backyard because his call was so loud. This week I got around to cleaning out our pond and lo and behold guess who I found living with the fish? Our frog!! He wasn't too happy about being kicked out for a bit, but I'm sure he will recover. He let me get right up to him and didn't try to jump away. It was pretty fun. S was fascinated. He is pretty cute so how can we not love the song of summer he sings us every night?

Vacaton’s all I ever wanted!!

Mar 27, 2019

Our family took a much needed vacation this last week. Every 2 years Annie's family gets together and goes somewhere fun for a week. We plan it 2 years out and have it booked for a year. It can take a lot of planning to get things put together. This year we went to Canada. Victoria Island BC to be exact. It was wonderful. Annie's whole family was there except her brother. Their milk cow had a baby the week before and he couldn't get away. Yes you read that right. A cow. ha ha they live on a farm in Oregon.

Life gets busy. Especially summers. So we decided to just be lazy. It was so wonderful. We took naps everyday. We stayed up late and slept in. Every day we did something different. We were able to stay right on the ocean on one side of the island. It's a big island and the harbor is a working harbor. So we watched planes land on the water, the ferry come and go and boats upon boats upon boats. Sadly the only wildlife we saw was a dead crab, sea gulls and a lone seal. But it was still great. We went down to the warf for ice cream, walked around the board walk, took a walk to downtown and ended up walking 5 miles. We went to a petting zoo and saw their "goat stampede" and all the other fun animals there. And I totally got the goats on video!! https://youtu.be/-7NxP7zhu5o

 There were parks, splash pads, family movie nights, pool time and just wonderful memories. We had 2 rooms and S loved going next door to see her "friends" which were really her cousins. It was nice to just take a step back and just be a family. Since we were travelling internationally Jeremy was the only one who had service on his phone. He occasionally travels for work out of the country. It was nice to unplug and just be. 

After all that fun though it was even nicer to come home. We are refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of summer full of camping, visiting family, projects and life. And the bonus to the welcome home we got from Natasha and Vicious was the fireflies. They finally started showing up! Every year I look forward to them. It is just not summer without the fireflies. 

Happy birthday!

Mar 27, 2019

Birthdays are kinda a big deal over here. Ok a really big deal. I have a 30 day calendar count down to mine! I have always loved my birthday and have wonderful memories of my mom trying to make sure each one was special. From bringing balloons to school, decorating my locker and even one year ordering me a cake with the face of Chris Kirkpatrick from *N sync on it. Which p.s. when I got home from school and saw that one started to cry tears of joy. My love for all things *N sync growing up is another story. But every birthday was great. Even now as an adult I love birthdays. And now that there are more members of my family club I get to celebrate more often. Jeremy is not as crazy about his birthday, but he goes along with the fun. I think he secretly enjoys it. Ha ha. 

This year S and I decided to give him a big card in the form of our driveway. I opened up the sidewalk chalk and left him messages and art all over. Then we set up a barrier of streamers that he had to break through in order to come into the house. We had presents, dinner and a rice crispy cake with candles waiting for him as soon as he got through the door. We had such a good night. S started singing happy birthday as soon as touched the cake to light the candles. But we weren't done! The next day we went out for dinner and got fancy ice cream. When it came out everyone's eyes got big! It was such a fun treat. We love ice cream in our house and made short work of eating it. 

We had a wonderful birthday weekend celebrating the best husband and dad we know. We are so lucky to call him ours!!

A safari in Wisconsin?

May 23, 2018

Every month we pick a Saturday and do what we call a family fun day. It gives us a chance to slow down a little and do something different. For May I found a Groupon for a safari in Wisconsin. If that's not different I don't know what is. Turns out it is a sanctary type of place that is run by a guy who used to run a zoo. The animals have tons of room to roam and you get a tour in caravans pulled by a tractor. Every person gets a cup of treats for the animals and they come right up to eat. It was a blast. There was a pretty good variety of animals and who doesn't like being pulled around by a tractor? At the end of the tour we gave the guide our camera and asked for a photo. We totally got photo bombed by an Ostrich! You can see that photo in the photo section. (Hint hint) Next month we are going on vacation and that will be adventure enough. This summer is going to be great!

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