Red, white and blue

Jul 05, 2020

We wanted to start our holiday off right so this morning we jumped into the car and headed to our local farmers market. The town square was full of live music and it was wonderful to see our favorite vendors. It's crazy hot here right now so we didn't linger to listen to the music longer like we sometimes do. But it was still awesome. 

We spent the day working on projects and trying to make a dent in our summer to do list. Then after dinner we headed out front for some fireworks. We live in a gorgeous pine tree forest. Think Snow White's cottage. It's really quite magical, but kinda a fire hazard for fireworks. So we just keep it limited to sparklers and pop it's. 

After dark our neighbors started setting off their firework show. So we pulled the couch in front of the sliding door in the family room to watch. The fireflies are out in full force and between them and the fireworks, the sky was full of twinkling lights. 

We are so blessed to live where we do. Happy Independence Day!

Family fun in the sun

Jul 02, 2020

This past week we flew out to Utah for our annual family reunion. It was so wonderful to see everyone. Currently our family count (on Jeremy's side) is at 29 people. This year one of our brothers-in-law couldn't make it so we were at 28 people in one house. It was very squishy, but worth it to all be together. We went up the mountains and went camping for a few days. We went kayaking, hiking, roasted marshmallows and got super dirty. There is such a difference in camping depending on where you go. Camping in Illinois is so different than camping in Southern Utah. There is a lot more dust and dirt because everything is so dry. Poor Nanna had piles of dirt from people's shoes all over her entryway and kitchen. But don't worry, she handled it well. Ha ha

Now as we are sitting in the airport waiting to go home, I am looking through photos. I am glad we live where we do, but it is so nice to fly back to our roots and spend time with family. Even if it gets a little crazy with so many kiddos. ❤️



Hooray for camping!

Jun 14, 2020

Imagine it. Twilight is falling. A crackling fire cascades it's warmth and wards off the chill. Fireflies twinkle in the grass. Fresh air and a comfortable chair. Sounds amazing right? This was our weekend. Complete with toasted marshmallows made into s'mores. 

We go camping several times a year. We love it. We also try to go to a new place every time. This time we went to Lowden State Park. Our campsite was right next to a swing set and everything. It was exactly what we needed. Just some time away without projects or stress. Just simply being. And being together. Really what's better than that?

Bubbles. So many bubbles.

May 04, 2020

She said she wanted to play "shower." So she found a bottle of hand soap. Half a bottle later she was caught. I was trying so hard not to laugh. I tried really hard, but couldn't seem to stop smiling. It was so funny. She looked ridiculous. I told her I needed to take a photo for Grandma then we needed to clean her up. As soon as she left the room to go downstairs so I could clean her up I lost it. I laughed so hard I to a pillow I cried.

Poor girl had so much soap in her hair it started to itch. Several rinses later the bubbles were gone. But the photos will last forever. I'm just grateful she didn't want to play "haircut" with scissors.

Hide and seek

May 04, 2020

One of these things is not like the other. Can you tell? 

Do the bunny hop!

Apr 14, 2020

Happy Monday! Or is it Tuesday? Friday? Who knows with the quarantine going on. Ha ha. Sunday was Easter and even though we didn't get to go down to Grandma's house, we managed to have fun anyway. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, roast for dinner and an Easter egg hunt in between. It was a beautiful day to focus on family and Christ. We hope yours was just as enjoyable!

When the sun shines on raindrops it creates a rainbow

Mar 29, 2020

We were nearing the end of a hike when we spied a picnic table. Being a bit tired we sat down for a rest. S put her elbows on the table.

S: "Let's think about something."

Me: "Ok. What would you like to think about?"

S: "Let's think about rainbows."

Me: "Ok."

So we did.

Sensory play or mess?

Jan 15, 2020

A photo is worth a thousand words. Those are crushed eggshells. Yes it was a mess. It was a huge mess. I had eggshells tracked from the kitchen to the family room. I don't regret it. She said, "mom can I make a mess?" I said sure. She had so much fun. And she got some serious texture and sensory play. Now I know that you are asking in your mind, "why the egg shells?" The answer: chickens. Chickens use a lot of calcium in their diets. That's what the shell of the egg is made of. Because they use so much calcium you have to give them some form of calcium in their diet. Either oyster shells or even cheaper, crushed egg shells. Have you ever had a farm fresh eggs? They are packed with nutrition and it takes effort to crack the shell. Now compare it to a store bought egg. Pale yolks and thin easy to break shells. It's just part of commercial egg production. Also fun fact did you know that in the USA it is illegal to commercially sale eggs until they have been bleached? That's why we have to store them in the fridge. They would go bad within days otherwise. Did you also know in Europe it's the opposite? It's illegal to bleach eggs and sale them. Europe knows that the protective coating that is naturally on eggs doesn't hurt anything and makes them fresher, longer. If they aren't bleached you can actually store them on the counter and they won't get bad. I know. Mind blown! 

So next time you crack an egg remember how amazing they are. And if you let a 3 year old play in your supply of crushed eggshells they will be so happy and messy. But it's really the happy that counts. We have a vacuum for the mess. 

The year of clear vision

Jan 06, 2020

It's a new year and a new start! 2020 is going hold some awesome things for our family. I just know it. This year we rang in the new year on the Hogwarts Express! We got together with our best friends and all the kiddos and had a blast. Harry Potter games, inspired treats and even sorting cupcakes! We even did an early count down At 930. Cause ya know we are parents... Ha ha.

One if the things I love about our life is our support system. Life is hard. That's the nature of it. But we don't have to do it alone. I can't count how many times our tribe has rallied together for one thing or another and for each other on different occasions. So let the new year ring in and bring some awesome stuff our way!  20/20 I can see it so clearly!

I spy with my little eye

Jan 06, 2020

We have been trying to play more games as a family. Not only is it a great learning tool, but it's a lot of fun. Tonight we played Eye spy. My mom got it for Girlfriend for Christmas. Let me tell you, it's a bit! So fun and right up our alley. Time is so important to us. Especially since it seems to be going by so fast. So thanks for helping us slow it down and be meaningful with our time Grandma!! 

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