"Annie and Jeremy are wonderful parents! I can't say enough about how loving and supportive they are. Annie is a hands-on mother who laughs and plays with her little one every time we are together. She also shares her many talents with her too, working in the garden together and taking every opportunity to be outside. Annie and Jeremy have a loving home with wholesome values and family goals. We are so blessed to have them as friends!"

Jo Busby ENDORSED | Honest, Fun loving, Sense of Humor, outgoing, Loving, Caring, Love children , patient, Hard working, Positive and Happy

"I met Annie at a playgroup and have played basketball with her with a group of women. She is fun and always a good sport. She is genuinely kind and interested in how people are doing. More importantly, she is amazing with her daughter - spending quality time with her, patient, and always trying to be the best mom that she can be, asking questions when needed to help with parenting. She and her husband are devoted and loving parents. I would recommend them for adoption to anyone!"

"You can tell Jeremy and Annie's first priority is family. We live across the country and they make arrangements to come visit us a year in advance. We talk often on the phone or through text/voice messaging. I don't get surprised when Jeremy calls me during his long commute to work, just to catch up on life. Annie is always sharing pictures of their every day moments, the good and the not-so-good. I love it. They instantly open up their house and their hearts if we want to come visit. It's always a joy when we get together, Annie is so fun and plans outings in the area. Jeremy is so laid-back and seems happy to do whatever we decide. When we go into the city together, they are both so kind and generous to those around them. I feel very fortunate to have them in my life."

"I first met Jeremy & Annie 4 years ago through church. They are both very service minded and extremely kind. Annie has become like a sister to me. Over the years we have spent several holidays together. My first Thanksgiving across the country from my family wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be because Annie & Jeremy were with us. They are both very self-reliant. Annie with her love for animals and gardening. Jeremy with his hard work ethic. And both of their home-improvement DIY resumes are impressive. Jeremy & Annie are very faithful in their religion. They not only attend church services every week, but they are also true examples of Christ-like love toward the people they meet. They have watched my children on several occasions. One time I had to rush to the doctor with a high fever. I didn't hesitate for a minute before calling Annie, who came right over and watched the three of them for several hours while I had tests. I was so happy for them when Sabrina came into their life. Their relationship with her birth-mom is amazing to me. They were their for Sabrina's birth. They communicate as often as the birth-mom prefers: sending pictures & texts, even driving up to visit every six months or so. Sabrina has experienced so many fun things by being their daughter: learning sign language, "helping" her mom harvest and preserve vegetables, taking a mommy & me dance class, as well as countless story-times. She loves both of her parents so much. Sabrina is such a sweet girl to be around. She is good at sharing and helping my 15 month old. It is so nice to see. This family is so loving, I whole-heartedly give my recommendation for Jeremy & Annie to adopt another child and for Sabrina to adopt a sibling"

"It is such an honor to know you are interested in two of my very favorite people, my siblings, Jeremy and Annie. I am Chellie. I married Jeremy's younger brother, Lars. We have been married for almost 13 years and have a family with 4 children. When I met Jeremy for the first time, he was so thrilled to welcome me in the family that he picked me up and twirled me in a circle like a loving brother. I knew right then that we would have a special bond. He has proved over the years to be that same man full of love and our admiration. He has always been a source of reason and spirituality. He is an example of service and faith. We look up to our brother and hold him in very high esteem. When we met Annie, it was nothing short of a similar experience. Annie is full of love and excitement. She's the type of person that everyone is just naturally gravitated toward because she's full of positivity and energy. The type of person that is just fun to be around. When Annie and Jeremy lived in Utah, my children would beg to go to their Aunt and Uncle's house for the night or a weekend just because they were sooo much fun to be around. My children could always count on Annie to pull them around the house in a laundry basket for fun, make a fun treat with them, or play a great game of Hide-and-Seek. Anything to make the children smile was Annie's objective. I used to be very uptight in my earlier years as a mother and Annie helped me to channel my imagination and really understand what was important in being a mother. I would say that Annie has taught me invaluable lessons on how to be understanding, patient, playful, and even joyful that has bled over to all areas of my life. I am so grateful for what she has taught me because it has blessed my life and children's lives and brought us closer together. Being a part of the Lambertsen family as a whole has met every dream I have ever had for a family. You know those families that get together and just laugh and enjoy each other's company like no time has passed between them at all? That is our family. All of us siblings keep in touch and enjoy each other's love, support, and friendship. Our family is accepting and non-judgmental, kind-hearted and based upon service. We would love to have you a part of our family; your sacrifice would be cherished and revered as we enjoy being a part of your story and your family as well. Your child would also be loved by our family and showered with affection and special memories."

"Let me tell you about the time I was having a hard mommy day. I was beat down by exhaustion and desperately trying to keep feelings of failure and guilt at bay when my friend Annie called. Seeing it as a sign, I sobbed to her about my troubles. Even though she had lots going on in her own life, she patiently listened and encouraged me. About 20 minutes later Annie was at my door, with Sabrina (who was just a baby back then) strapped to her and a piece of Portillo's chocolate cake in hand. She ordered me to my room and as I walked upstairs, I heard her marshal my daughters into order. While I regained my sanity and positively devoured that chocolate cake, she managed to talk the girls into cleaning the baseboards! Annie is one you want to have in your corner, no doubt. As the mother of all daughters, I'm extremely protective. I rarely leave them with babysitters and almost never with men. However, I wholeheartedly trust Jeremy with my girls. They all adore him, and he has the insight and sensitivity to know each of them individually. We were honored to be present in court when Annie and Jeremy's adoption of Sabrina was finalized. I've always loved my friend Jeremy, but my respect and admiration for him grew exponentially as I watched him stand before the judge. This was not just a person who happened upon fatherhood, like so many do. This was truly a man who fought for the title and wore it with honor. He was ready to protect, provide, and defend this tiny miracle that had come into their lives. I know he will do so again. It is without hesitation that I give Annie and Jeremy my highest recommendation as adoptive parents. "

"My husband, Alden, and I met Annie and Jeremy at church a little over a year ago when we moved to the area. We were instant friends! It was easy to see that they are genuine people and I know that we will be lifelong friends. Annie and I are both stay-at-home moms and have play dates often. My daughter is two and half years old and absolutely loves the Lambertsens! She always talks about going to their house to play with Annie, Sabrina, the cat, dog, and the chickens. My daughter loves Jeremy, too! When I ask her who her friends are she says, "Jeremy, Annie, and Sabrina!" One time we were sitting by them at church and she told my husband, "I don't like Mommy, I like Annie!" We love spending time with the Lambertsens. Our family has had many dinners, parties, play dates, and adventures with them and there are definitely many more to come. We know that we can rely on them for help and support, they helped us move and I had to basically force Annie to stop cleaning. They are very generous with their love and time. I have always been impressed with their love for Sabrina. She is the center of their world! Annie and Jeremy were made to be parents, they have huge hearts that are ready to love. Their home is waiting for another sweet child to become a part of their loving family. And I know that we will love that lucky child, too!"

"The first time I met Annie, she hugged me. That is the kind of person that she is; friendly and welcoming. Jeremy is not quite as outgoing, but equally as kind. They love their family and friends. They are both very hard working and responsible people. They respect and love one another. As parents, they are loving, selfless, and deliberate. One of Annie's strengths as a mother is that she emphasizes creativity, exploration, play and independence in many situations where other mothers may feel rushed or impatient. As a father, Jeremy is patient and attentive. I can't say enough good things about these beautiful people. They are truly wonderful people."

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