"I have known both Jess and John for more than a decade. Jess and I entered graduate school together in Fall 2005, and I met John shortly after he and Jess started dating! We are close friends. I was even in their wedding party! I know them both to be deeply kind and thoughtful in all their interactions. I’ve seen them act with love and integrity in every encounter, as friends, scholars, and teachers. They will bring the same love and care to any child they welcome into their family. Jess may well be the most staunchly loyal and loving friend I have. She is the one first to act if she knows I’m going through something difficult, the first to send the unexpected gift in the mail, and the swiftest to call. She is fair, unbelievably hard-working, and empathetic. John is funny and kind and a superb cook. He is whip smart and hard-working. He cares deeply for his family and loved ones. He is sweet with Jess in a way that makes my heart swell every time I spend time with the both of them. As partners they are incredibly well matched. I feel as if I am a valued friend to both of them. Time spent with them is filled with jokes, delicious food, board games, and funny stories. Jess and John are loving, hardworking, and honest. They can be relied upon with certainty. Their reputations as scholars and teachers are stellar. And they have a rich network of resources that will continue to serve them as their family changes with the inclusion of a child. I have every confidence they have the social and financial infrastructure in place to help them be the best parents they can be. They will provide a stable, loving home to any child. This child will be wanted, treasured, and fiercely loved. I hope my admiration for them shines through these comments. They are remarkable people. Their compassion, integrity, and heart makes them ideal parents to a child in need of a loving, stable home. "

Leslie G. ENDORSED | Sense Of Humor, Outdoorsy, Honest, Hard Working, Dependable

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