We love to tutor because we love to help kids overcome their challenges and discover new things

Oct 04, 2018

When Jesse and I met 14 years ago, he was the Director of a teen center in New York City. We loved working with kids together then and we have continued to do so ever since. Whether it's tutoring, coaching soccer, or going on overnight camping trips we love to explore and learn about the world through the eyes of children. 

Yesterday was our first day back with the students we tutor during the school year. We tutored them last year, so it was an exciting reunion for all of us. Jesse tutors a little boy and I tutor his little sister. Jesse's student is an energetic, rambunctious, eleven year old who loves to express his creativity through dance. His little sister is a curious and enthusiastic little girl who loves to read and make up stories.

Every week after tutoring, we lead spiritual enrichment for the kids in the tutoring program. Jesse leads the lesson and teaches the kids about God's love for them and encourages them to be kind to others and serve those in need. I lead the songs which always include lots of dancing and jumping about by both the kids and their tutors. We are excited about another year of helping our students learn and grow while having a lot of fun.

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