We are John & Joel....

Left: Joel, Middle: Phillip age 5, Right: John
Hi! Our names are John and Joel and we would like to thank you for taking the time to read about us. It is our deepest desire to expand our family. We have a five year old son and we are all so ready to adopt! John and I love children and spending time with our close friends who have children as well as our niece and six nephews. We have a warm and nurturing home and live in New York City; known for being rich in cultural arts. John and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us in your search for the right family to love and cherish your child. We would be honored if you chose us to be your child’s adoptive parents and would raise your child knowing about the unselfish sacrifice you made in order to make us parents.

We met in the summer of 2008 when we both were vacationing with friends on Fire Island. We went to a big party on the beach separately. It was a fun evening with everyone dancing to great music. John and I kept seeing each other from across the dance floor where we met. We had a good time and it was a perfect summer evening to be under the stars and looking out on the ocean. We stayed late, then exchanged numbers and went on our first date the next evening. Joel talks about John’s big smile and his blue eyes that sparkled. Joel was thrilled to meet him and get to know how kind and grounded John is. John tells the story of seeing Joel before that evening and wanting to meet him. John was moving to Paris in a few months and we had a whirlwind romance.

Joel's thoughts about John...
John is a caring, loving and attentive husband and parent. He is very respectful of others and socially conscientious. John has a funny sense of humor and his family and friends are very important to him. John is loyal and dedicated to his family. He always makes a strong effort to do the right thing. John is level headed and thoughtful of others. He is a devoted father and husband. He always arrives home on time to give our son his bath or bedtime story. John always thinks of his family first. He rarely travels for work but when he does, he always Face Time’s with us before bed. John is a wonderful person and a great parent. I am grateful to have John as my partner in life and excited that we are embarking on this journey to grow our family.

John's thoughts about Joel...
Joel is an incredibly caring person. His empathy and thoughtfulness of others is wonderful to have as a life partner. He has an incredible creativity that shows itself in how he decorates our home for various holidays and makes homemade play toys for Phillip. He always goes out of his way to help a friend and works very hard being a class parent at Phillip’s school. Joel is one of the funniest people I know and makes me laugh everyday.
I look forward to every evening and weekend for more time to spend with Joel and our family. He is my best friend and I am so lucky to have him as my husband and co-parent.
The streets of Brooklyn in New York city where we live.

The streets of Brooklyn in New York city where we live.

About Where We Live...

We live in New York City and have close friends who live nearby. Many of our friends are other parents from son's school. We have great neighbors and we all chip in and help each other in any way, like shoveling snow after a storm and keeping an eye on each other’s home if someone is traveling. Our son, Phillip, gets to have lots of after school play dates and we feel really fortunate to be part of a community that has been warm and embracing. We walk Phillip to school and see many friends and acquaintances, making New York City feel like a small town. The street we live on is a tree-lined block located in what is referred to as a “historic district”. There are many traditional brownstones and small shops that have been owned by the same families for generations. It’s terrific to go to a shop and have the owner greet us by name. We are fortunate to have a spacious home with five bedrooms and a playroom with toys and activities for Phillip and our future child. We have a backyard with a playhouse for children to have fun and on our roof terrace we set up a blow up pool for the little ones to splash around in. Music is important to us and we have a piano for Phillip to learn to play. The piano teacher comes once a week for lessons. We have two small dogs that get to enjoy the outside as well. Fenimore is a Silky Terrier and weighs 12 pounds and Jake is a Yorkshire Terrier who weighs 7 pounds. Jake joined our family when we lived in Paris, so we joke that he is the only one who speaks perfect French! Fenimore and Jake are very affectionate and love people. The dogs are very patient with children and have learned to dodge and avoid a fast and active child who is still learning the word “gentle”.
With close friends for Easter Brunch:
Back From Left:to Right Jonathon, Sabrina, Joel, John
Front Left to Right: Sasha age 4, Phillip age 5

With close friends for Easter Brunch: Back From Left:to Right Jonathon, Sabrina, Joel, John Front Left to Right: Sasha age 4, Phillip age 5

Our Friends and Family

Our families are very important to us. John’s younger brother Paul and sister-in-law Daniell live in California with their daughter Kaylee and son Brody. John’s older brother Bob and his two sons Bobby and Brylan live in California. Sadly, John’s mother and father have passed away. He is close to his Aunt Joan who is his mother’s sister. Joel’s mother passed away five years ago. Joel’s father, Eric and stepmother, Lori, live in the mountains of California and love spending time with Phillip when we visit. Papa Eric has three wheel bikes for the kids to race around their yard with. He gets a kick of telling the kids about the deer, bears and mountain lions that live in the woods and just when the kids get really big eyes, Grandma Lori jumps in to say “Papa is being silly, there is a big fence to keep our animal friends safe”. Phillip talks about Grandma Lori and Papa Eric quite often and we Face Time regularly. Joel’s sister Colene is Phillip’s Godmother. She and her husband, Dave, live near Joel’s parents in California and have three boys. Joel’s nephews are Cole, Logan and Gaige and they are very active in baseball leagues and do well in school. Joel's extended family all live in the same area of California where he grew up. Joel’s Aunt Kelly and Uncle Dave are always happy to have the entire family to their home when we visit. Joel has four cousins, one aunt and a grandmother who were adopted. Being adopted is not unusual in Joel’s family; everyone is treated with the same love and attention. Having lived in New York for many years, we have close friendships and those people have become surrogate family members. John’s good friend, Bruce, is Phillip’s Godfather. Joel’s close friend, Regina, always sends Phillip cards for every holiday. We have formed close friendships with other parents from Phillip’s school. We spend time with Jon and Sabrina and Phillip enjoys playing with their daughter Sasha. Oliver and Alexandra are good friends and Phillip plays with their sons, Bo and Ford. We are on a shuffleboard team with other parents and it is a lot of fun.
With our son and ather children

With our son and ather children

How We Parent....

We love being parents and have always wanted two children. We have thought long and hard about this serious decision and we are so ready. We find that experiencing life as parents has made us look at the world in a different way. So many things that might have been a priority five years ago, before our son Phillip was born are no longer important. Our priority is on the safety and happiness of our son and our future children. Life has become much more meaningful in so many ways as parents. We know that all three of us will be devoted to your child, should you choose us. We believe a child flourishes in a safe and nurturing home filled with unconditional love. We always talk and sing with Phillip even when he was an infant and we plan to do this with your child too. We know that being emotionally present and engaged is essential. We plan to read books at a very early age to foster a love of reading. We play music to encourage a love of music. We plan to take your child to toddler’s music groups where he or she can play shakers or tambourines and make friends with other children. We believe preschool for even just two hours on two days a week helps a child to acquire a love of school and learning that can last for life. We may not live near family, but we always strive to keep a close connection so that our children will always know they have a lot of love from grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We don’t believe in spanking or yelling and feel it is important to give firm and loving guidance. Education is very important to us and we looked at many schools to determine the right fit for Phillip as he enters kindergarten next year. We will look for the right fit for your child as well because not every child learns in the same way. We have started a college fund for the future and will do that for your child. In addition to academics, we feel it is important to introduce children to different experiences including sports, fine arts and music. We looked for an environment of inclusiveness and diversity when looking at schools. We feel it is important for children to be with other children they can relate to with non-traditional family structures. We think it is meaningful for a child to be introduced to religion and later in life they can choose for themselves how religious they would like to be. We also think it is terrific to talk about different religions so there is a respect for those who are not the same religion. We attend a family service on Sundays at the Episcopal Christian Church where Phillip goes to school. There are lots of children and it can sometimes be a loud and raucous group, but it is fun to see the little ones go up for the children’s portion of the sermon. We say grace before our family meals and give thanks for the many blessings we have in life. We feel believing in something can be very important at various times in life. Most importantly, we will raise your child surrounded by unconditional love.
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