"John and Saskia have been dear friends of ours for many years. John was the best man at our wedding and has been an irreplaceable, supportive, and caring friend to my husband since their days at Columbia University (almost 20 yrs ago). It is an honor to be able to give them our endorsement for adoption. John and Saskia's devotion to each other has always been evident to me but what really sets their family apart is their ability to grow together through both time (they met in HS!) as well as life's adversities. They have cultivated a strong, balanced and healthy partnership. Their home is filled with love and respect (and big dogs!). They share the love of family and have a vast and reliable network of people who they love and support and who love and support them in return. As the mother of two young children myself, I know that no amount of planning can prepare you for the unpredictable beautiful mess that happens when your family expands. I am confident the child John and Saskia welcome into their family could not want for or imagine a better home. Please consider this family seriously for adoption. The home John and Saskia have built together will provide every opportunity for their child to learn and grow and become the very best version of him or herself. Their children will be encouraged to follow their curiosities, travel the world, and become responsible adults. They are wonderful people who are equipped with the highest levels of intellectual acuity and real-life ingenuity. John's "dad skills" extend well beyond the usual ability to fix and build things. He's leveraged his entrepreneurial skills to establish several successful business ventures, he's rebuilt jet ski engines, and even learned to salsa dance (while courting Saskia). Saskia is a brilliant, multilingual, multitalented, family physician who really cares about people. When we first met, she and I became fast friends. She has been able to offer me invaluable advice on both childcare and life and is always able to provide interesting anecdotes on her many hobbies. John and Saskia have so much love to give. They are affectionate with each other, the ultimate caregivers to their doggie children and also the best uncle/aunt to our children (across the country). We love the time we are able to spend with them and are so grateful to have them in our lives. Any child would be lucky to call them their parents. "

Nicole Grant ENDORSED | Family Oriented, Dependable And Reliable

"I have known Saskia and John since 2003 and can say without any reservation that they are two of the most loving, responsible, and fun people I know. They are always looking to become better people and to grow as a couple. They value family, friendship, knowledge, honesty. Their children will be encouraged to learn, travel the world, and be become healthy and responsible adults. I hope that you consider Saskia and John in your adoption process. I can be contacted for further details if desired."

"John and Saskia will be such wonderful, loving parents. It is so beautiful to watch them share and explore the world with our children every time we visit, I can’t wait to see what they’ll do with their own family someday. Saskia always does something thoughtful with the kids to make them feel special like taking them out to her garden and showing them how all of the vegetables grow, or teaching them how to make spaghetti from scratch, or just reading and snuggling together. John likes to take the kids for hikes in the woods, letting them stop and discover new bugs or flowers as often as they want and telling them stories along the way. My son’s favorite part is the piggy back rides since he can enjoy the scenery while hugging his uncle at the same time. Both John and Saskia just do a great job of putting the kids at ease, sharing new things with them, letting them explore, and making them feel loved, special, and safe. When you walk into John and Saskia’s house you just immediately feel warm and happy. It’s always full of family and friends dropping by or getting together for a meal, and it always smells amazing since Saskia is a fantastic cook. They are usually doing something fun like going for a walk in the beautiful mountains behind their home or playing with their dog. The walls are covered with happy pictures of loved ones and treasures from their adventures together all over the world. You just walk into their home and are surrounded by their love for each other and for the wonderful people in their lives. John and Saskia have been deeply in love since before I can remember. They have supported each other unwaveringly through career changes, moving cities, and planning for the future. They make a great team and whenever they have setbacks, they lean on each other and come out stronger, together. They take care of each other, and each other’s families, with warmth and kindness. They love to dream together and are always working on something that brings them closer together like building a garden for Saskia’s vegetables or renovating a bathroom by hand. Thank you for reading their story, I hope you are as glad as I am that your paths have crossed."

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