Hi, We're Jordan & Skyler

Logan Canyon, our giant playground!
We have been happily married for three years and can't wait to include a kid in our life's adventures! Both of us are finishing up our degrees and looking towards the future.

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We understand that you may be overwhelmed with the feelings you are experiencing and we are here to talk about any questions or reservations!
Us in NYC

Us in NYC

Our Story

We met when we were both living in Poland for two years and we bonded over the pierogi and the time we spent there. Into the second year of our marriage, we started to feel like our family was missing someone and we began looking into adoption! Our family right now consists of two doggies, Obi and Zoey, who love to snuggle and play.

We like to travel and experience all that life has to offer!

Road trip to southern Utah

Road trip to southern Utah


Jordan is an amazing husband, and I know that he would be an even more amazing dad. He always puts his family first and is so caring and thoughtful in everything he does. He is an active part of our life and is always making me laugh.

A little about Jordan...

He has an amazing sense of humor and could easily brighten anyone's day. He loves to be outdoors and loves to play rec soccer. Jordan loves to work on projects around the house and for his major, computer science. He is extremely intelligent and will amaze you with all the random facts he knows. Jordan has an amazing relationship with God and that's something that I really admire about him.
I can't wait for the day he becomes a father and to see him become the more amazing person.
Skyler's graduation!

Skyler's graduation!


Skyler is such a lovable and inspiring person. She is not afraid to put herself out there and to be herself. Her gifts of empathy and compassion help her be a great family therapist and wife.

She is the heart of the family and full of life and energy.

There are lots of laughs when she is around and she is very nurturing. There is nothing I wouldn't trust her with and I know I can always count on her!
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