Our Journey

Feb 12, 2018

When I was little I was the girl that stayed inside to take care of my babies (aka dolls). I never cared much for sports or going outside to get dirty. I loved pretending to be a mommy. In fact every year for my birthday my grandpa would take me to the toy store and I would always pick a new doll to love and cuddle. My heart has always craved to be a mother.

Jump forward to 2012. I finally met the man I wanted to spend forever with! I started to think of when the day would come that I could announce to my friends and family "We're expecting"! I always dreamt of having a baby in the spring or summer so we could celebrate birthdays outside. I also heard it was easier to be pregnant in the winter rather than in the hot summer. As time went on and there was still no sign of a little one anytime soon, my dreams of having a spring baby or being pregnant in the cool winter slowly started to become more trivial then they already were. I just wanted to be a mommy. I was more than ready to start the greatest job of my life, filled with sleepless nights, happiness and unconditional love. 

We finally decided to see a fertility specialist in July of 2017. We then discovered that we couldn't conceive naturally and the specialist suggested IVF. I couldn't imagine my life without a little baby and a sibling for Maggie. So we did our research and discovered that adoption was the path for us. Once we decided to start our adoption journey I felt a sense of peace and joy. For the first time I felt like my dream of becoming a mother was finally going to happen. All of the years of trying to conceive, I never felt that peace or joy.

We started to learn about all the different options. . .foster care, private adoption, agencies, etc. There were a lot of decisions to make and different paths to take. After learning about open adoption and the services provided through Adoptionlife.org we knew that this was the agency and path we wanted to take. It's important to us that the expectant parents get the support they need. When it comes to such a life changing event it's good to know that everyone involved has the support they need, whether it be counseling, finding local resources or just someone to lend an ear.

Somethings in life are meant to be experienced alone but this is definitely not one of them! We are so excited to meet you and travel this journey together!

A journey once begun, has no end. - Kiran Desai

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