"This beautiful family is simply that beautiful! They love to be with family and making memories. Since the beginning of our relationship they have always wanted a baby. I know they will make great parents and Maggie will be such a wonderful big sister!"

"I've know Julie for at least 10 years now. She has always been a very kind and caring person. Once she met Matt you knew she was happy with him, Being around them as a couple you know they have a strong marriage and there is no doubt in my mind that a child that will be placed with Julie, Matt and Maggie will always be loved, protected and given the best family life with these three. "

"To the Dear Person Who is Considering Allowing Matt and Julie to Adopt Your Child - I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with you on this tremendous and exciting journey they would like to begin with you. My sister is 2 years younger than me but she has really always been the "older" sister. She has had the instinct to care for others for as long as I can remember - since she was a very young girl. It has always come naturally to her to attend to the needs of everyone around her and to nurture those who need it most. She has always been a mother. When she found out that she could not have a child of her own, I was heartbroken. I have never know a person more deserving of a little being to give her love to. I am so proud of her for taking her time and finding a good man who adores her and for building such a good life for herself. Thank you so much for considering giving her that one thing that would make her life complete."

"Matt and Julie have wanted a baby for some years now and have not been able to do so. They are wonderful parents to Matt's daughter Maggie from his previous marriage. They support each other as a lovingly married couple, and support even more their daughter. They have given her opportunities to play sports and any other good activity. Maggie has several nieces and nephews and loves them all. They also have a good relationship with Maggie's mother and are in contact weekly if not more. No two people could love a new baby more than these two young people. They are a successful, devoted, and caring family who wants only to add another child to share that love and devotion with. We are so excited to be grandparents to another wonderful child as well. Julie, Matt, and Maggie will adore the new baby and give he or she every opportunity for happiness and success. "

"I have known Julie for a few years and I find her to be an amazing person. She is kind, caring, understanding, and supportive. I know how eager she is to grow her family and the child she and Matt receive will be afforded every opportunity to succeed in life and feel loved, protected, and special. I know Julie and Matt will provide a safe, secure, and happy home for a new little one."

"Julie and Matt are very kind and caring people and I know that their love for any ,baby or babies they receive, will be above and beyond. "

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