To our birth angel

There are so many things we want you to know. For us, this journey is all about love. We want you to know that not only do we have love for your sweet baby, but the amount of love we have for you is indescribable.

We know the love you have for your baby, and we promise that love will never be doubted or forgotten.

You are truly our angel. We know the love you have for your baby, and we promise that love will never be doubted or forgotten.

We wish we could promise the perfect life, free of any hardships or mistakes, but what we can promise is that our children will never question how much they are loved and appreciated. They will never doubt your love for them, and they will constantly be surrounded by parents, siblings, extended family and friends who know and remind them of their worth. We can promise that we will raise them to work hard, to be respectful and kind, to love others, and to know they have a loving Heavenly Father who knew their journey long before we did.

The decision you are faced with is one that we cannot imagine having to make, and we want to be there to love and support you as much as we possibly can. We want to get to know you, and we want you to get to know us. We want you to have peace in this decision, and to know that you will forever be part of our family. The amount of love we have to offer is endless, for you and your baby. Please reach out with any questions or concerns you might have, and know we are here for you.
We don't always look like this, but man we clean up well ;)

We don't always look like this, but man we clean up well ;)

This is us.

In our family, we believe we learn and grow through experiences. Our goal is to live a life full of as much adventure and fun as possible! We are always on the go, creating amazing memories with our kids. Whether it's Disneyland in the summer, or snow vacations in the winter, we love to travel and experience new people and places.

Our goal is to live a life full of as much adventure and fun as possible!

We are really lucky to live close to both of our families, and they are very involved in our lives. I (Kaycee) have one biological sister and two younger sisters who are adopted, and are the best aunties to S, K and P! They are only a few years older than our kids, so they are more like siblings, and have a really special bond. Both sets of grandparents are actively involved in our lives, and are always spoiling their grandkids! They're always at the kids sporting events, and we see my parents and sisters almost daily, as they live just down the street! They love taking the kids on movie dates and going out for ice cream. S and K always know who to call when they want dessert and mom and dad said no ;)

I am so lucky to be able to stay at home with the kids. Growing up I never really knew what I wanted to do as a career, but I did know I wanted to be a mom. It's the only thing I was ever completely sure about, and there is nothing that brings me more joy than being able to be with my kids everyday.

Eric supports our family with a career as a professional athlete. This is what allows us to travel as much we do and experience so many different places. He works extremely hard for our family, but we are never apart for long, and make keeping our family together our #1 priority!

Although we love our children more than this world, Eric and I always put each other first, and realize the importance of showing our children a healthy, happy marriage and relationship. We have been each others best friend since day one, and know that for our children to be truly happy, they need parents who are truly happy as well.

We are actively involved with our church, and the kids love (most of the time) going on Sundays! Eric works with the youth, specifically the 12 and 13 year old boys, and I work coordinating services for any women in need of assistance. Whether they have had surgery, a death in the family, or are just in need of a meal, I help coordinate the services for them. Our faith is who we are, and what sets us apart. We have strong values and beliefs, and rely on them as we raise our children. Among the many values we are trying to teach our children, kindness is probably number one. We believe that if our children are kind, loving, and compassionate people they will be successful in this life. We are always trying to serve others, and be examples to our kids of how and why it is important to love and serve everyone around us.
So much love haha

So much love haha

Our Little Ones!

We couldn't be much more obsessed with S, K and P, and they are SO excited to have another sibling! We love seeing them grow and learn together, and we cannot wait to add another little one to the craziness. Our oldest two are in preschool and kindergarten. They love it! We have a book for each of them with our favorite little pieces of art they have made, I love what they come home with.

We know, and they know that our family isn't complete yet.

S and K have played t-ball the past few years and we're planning on enrolling them in soccer, too! Seeing them out there is equally hilarious and adorable! K is so athletic, he has some pretty great baseball skills. S on the other hand loves dance and gymnastics, and is always playing dress up and dancing around the house. She is seriously hilarious, and always has us laughing. We love taking them to the park for picnics (they love to bring Chick Fil A...okay we all love Chick Fil A haha), and they love going to the zoo. We love seeing their eyes light up at all of the animals!

S and K are obsessed with baby P. OBSESSED. She is the sweetest little baby and we love watching them entertain her and try to make her laugh. She loves watching them and we are soaking in every bit of her being a baby before we get the chance to do the baby stage again!

S and K talk ask all the time about where our new baby is. They draw pictures of our family with another baby in it, and are always asking questions about the new baby that is coming from another mommy's tummy. We know, and they know that our family isn't complete yet. We are all ready for the special little spirit that is meant to join our family.